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  1. Martin Williams
    Martin Williams Neil Sayers
    I have some sets of cams. I will check out today. What are you after TT Manual or Auto. Cheers Martin
  2. Inferno
    If there are people in the area that would like to help strip down a car to bones hit me up, or if you need to use a hoist i have one :D
  3. Martin Williams
    Martin Williams Roland S. Inman
    Hi Roland, I have a few Z31 bits here in Brisbane. pm me if you are interested. Cheers Martin
  4. ltownsgrimreaper
    ltownsgrimreaper Mr.Zed
    Do you still have the tommy karia cluster if so contact me
  5. harty
    harty rob260
    Hi Rob, Please check your emails re the pivoting FUCA’s and get back to me. Cheers order #5157
  6. Martin Williams
    Martin Williams Byzance
    Got one here in Brisbane. Will send photo
  7. dbgtst
    has anybody done any major body modifications to a 300zx z32
  8. interro
    interro Adz_79
    Hey bud

    Is the SAW kit still available
  9. ewschinzel
    ewschinzel rob260
    Hi you said u have two corner lights...I like to buy them..How do we do this?
    1. rob260
      I’ll send you a PM
      Oct 11, 2019
  10. PittoZ
    3 VG's deep, soon to be RB'd
  11. Axenjackson
    I rolled my 91 300 zx. I need doors bonnet etc. Etc.
  12. Axenjackson
    I rolled my 91 300 zx I need doors bonnet etc. Etc.
  13. Josh Cool
    Josh Cool Central QLD Z
    Hey mate, i read in your post that you get some work done by a local mechanic. Just wondering who he is? When i rebuilt my engine i couldn't find anyone local who even wanted to touch it so i had to take it to brissy

  14. Martin Williams
    Martin Williams bobbs
    Hi Bobbs. I have some good parts left over from my racing days, bearings, forged Scat Rods used, some +40"ACL pistons used, Main and conrod ARP studs etc etc. if your interested I will go through all of my parts and list them. I know I will be cheaper than anyone else. Cheers Martin
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    2. bobbs
      Hi Martin, possibly interested. what sort of life have these parts had? kms? strip/circuit? power? etc. I would probably wouldn't be able to reuse the bearings - I haven't even measured the crank journals yet, but it would be unlikely if they are the same size. I'd probably get new bearings anyway...
      Aug 19, 2019
  15. mrkarter77
    Vh45 the world
  16. Martin Williams
    Martin Williams zedkelly
    I have a turbo for sale, new seals professionally fitted. I am in Brisbane
  17. Bob Lloyd-Jones
    Bob Lloyd-Jones CHILI
    Glad to see you are still got a zx I have been off line for a while and still got my zx did 900klms in 12 months and kept my car cub fees up to date. Bob Lloyd-Jones
  18. mid
    mid MIKEZX
    I am only new here and i know that this may be a real long shot , but do you still have the Starion ?
  19. SrAfciGeR
    SrAfciGeR Adz_79
    Hi Mate.

    Let me know If nistune is still for sale.
    1. Adz_79
      Sold sorry
      Apr 16, 2019
    UNIQUE ZED zed280zx
    email an invoice to