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Discussion in 'Technical' started by entrancify, May 20, 2004.

  1. entrancify

    entrancify New Member

    I would just like to bring to everyones attention the shonky practices of Z Shop in Glen Iris VIC. He tried to get me to replace a head that he said had burnt out the gasket. I took it to someone else and they have confirmed there is nothing wrong with it. BEWARE:x
  2. Egg

    Egg ....

    Welcome to the forum. :)

    That's not real nice.
    But is this a genuine complaint or some schmuck with ulterior motives?
    Why is it my senses tingle when a brand new poster says something like this?
    But anyway... welcome and I hope you got your problem sorted professionally and cheaply.
    What was it?
  3. LaZZaR

    LaZZaR Member

    I hope you took it to someone reputable

    When it comes to zeds, you can't just trust any mechanic. I hear that Z Shop are supposed to be fairly good, though personally I take my car to Nissport.
  4. Mike80

    Mike80 New Member


    If its the same guy that used to be in centre rd in clayton then hes dodgy as hell.
    The bussiness was called Z works and i know he moved to glen iris his names Lindsey.
    He F@#ked my mates 260, spun a whole lot of crap and over charged for doing nothing.
    I highly recommend him :YD

    WYKKED <b><font color=red>2 Much Trouble</font></b>

    The one and the same. (n/m)

  6. ZPilot

    ZPilot New Member

    You're WRONG it was Zspares not Z works

    Z works is still existing business and it shouldn't be confused!!!

    WYKKED <b><font color=red>2 Much Trouble</font></b>

    I didn't think Z Works.....>>

    Was ever in Center Rd Clayton, but Lindsy had a shop called Z Spares at that address which he moved to Glen Iris and changesd it's name to Z Shop. It was the person (Lindsy) that I was referring to. I'm sorry if an innocent business was drawn into this because their name sounds similar.Isn't Z Works in Mordialloc?
  8. MarkyMark

    MarkyMark New Member

    I agree

    Although he was very helpful, he spent almost 2 hrs with me going through the in's & out's of Z's. He did come across as a shady character, I have met 2 people who were selling thier zed's whom have also dealt with him and went elsewhere. They also describe him in this exact manner.
  9. Z_Shop

    Z_Shop Guest

    Z Shop responds

    This client advised our staff on arrival that his vehicle was overheating (cooking) on its way to Z Shop from a panel shop after accident repairs.
    We promptly reported this to his insurers to assist with any claim follow-up.
    A major leak was found at the front of the engine (water pump - see photo) and a TK test of the coolant showed a positive response to presence of combustion gases in the coolant. &nbsp; &nbsp;
    &nbsp; &nbsp;
    We were unable to stem the flow of bubbles from his radiator, leading to a reasonable conclusion that there was a likely breach of a fire ring of the head gasket.
    In view of the number of engines we are currently replacing as a consequence of a catastrophic meltdown, and the legal implications of NOT informing a client of a diagnosed problem, we advised this client accordingly.
    A head gasket replacement is clearly less complex and costly than an engine replacement.Combustion gases in coolant are recognised as a diagnostic indication of a breach, and we would add that we offered to repeat the test in the presence of this client.
  10. JT

    JT Track Addict

    I can vouch for Z shop

    I used them quite a few times before moving to Brisbane and found Lindsay's knowledge of the Z32 to be excellent. I used them to get my HITEC fitted and tuned and was very happy with the result.
  11. entrancify

    entrancify New Member

    Fair enough

    A fair enough retort. I can assure you I have only the most sincere motives. It turned out to be a slight leak in the water pump which I already knew. He just decided to tell me that it had cooked the motor as well.:`(
  12. entrancify

    entrancify New Member

    Reply to Z shop

    You OFFERED to demonstrate to me the bubbles flowing throught the radiator but upon my expected arrival the engine was in pieces and you dicked around for a few minutes trying to put it back together until I got so frustrated I decided to leave. If you truly wanted to show me it would have been assembled when I got there.
  13. viper

    viper New Member

    I use Zshop whenever I have problems with my

    car and find Lindsay very knowledgeable and friendly person and I'm happy with my dealings with him:YD
  14. Psycho

    Psycho Insurance Underwriter

    personaly this whole post breaks the rules..

    and should be deleted , in my opinion it is vendictive and as stated clearly in round about terms the forums arent to be used for slanging matches.<P>I have to wonder as to the motives as well as Paul has stated, people should read below as this is a copy and paste from the forum guidelines.<P>- No insults to individuals or groups (e.g. police, workshops, etc), keep criticism constructive rather than abusive.<P>- Please do not degenerate into flame wars or arguments that are not constructive. If an argument ensues simply ignore it, replying only continues it further.
  15. ZisLuv

    ZisLuv New Member

    Nah its fair enough....

    personally I think its fine for people to give good and bad feedback about any business. And it is only ever based on that persons experience so Im sure the readers take it how they want.
    In this case someone has had a gripe, the shop owner has stated his case (which sounds pritty bloody reasonable I might add) and people are free to add thier own experiences. This way when someone wants to take their car to a shop somewhere and may search "Z Shop" they get some decent info. No point just deleting it.
  16. ZPilot

    ZPilot New Member

    Maybe you should use a spell check

    his name is not "Lindsy"
  17. entrancify

    entrancify New Member

    A warning only

    My message was intended as a warning only, I would hardly call it abuse. A constructive warning at that.:cool:
  18. WYKKED

    WYKKED <b><font color=red>2 Much Trouble</font></b>

    Probably should. (n/m)

  19. Dangerous

    Dangerous Member

    I think it should stay, as long as it

    remains constructive.I gotta say that I'm pleased that the Z shop has posted on this forum, even if it is just a reply to an unsatisfied customer. They're obviously a business with a lot of Zed knowledge, and a lot of happy customers on this forum. And some unhappy ones too. Bit like most other Zed oriented businesses that post here, but enough about that.If what they've posted is correct, then I'd say it's a fair diagnosis, but because of the expense of the repair, I for one would be straight off for a second opinion, no matter who the original business was that gave the original diagnosis. A couple of things - 'welcome' to entrancify. Sorry your first post had to be a Zed problem one. Welcome to the Zed shop too. I hope you will continue to post, and add to the assistance and positive info that this forum is so good at.Was that a soapbox that I was standing on :?) :?) :-Z
  20. entrancify

    entrancify New Member


    To be fair, which I am. I also had Z Shop work on my car and install ECU & air upgrade etc and was very happy with the results.6:9

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