wrecking entire TT ZX 2+2 5spd

Discussion in 'Car Parts for Sale or Wanted' started by foibles, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. joshzxzx

    joshzxzx New Member

    door hinge

    Hello, I am after a door latch for the right hand door for the z32. Now the hatch os located on the actual door. a portion of the locking mechanisum goes behind where the seat belt attaches on top of the door.. let me know how you go with it.

    email me on wogboy454@hotmail.com and i can make payment via direct deposit.


  2. the_cypha

    the_cypha Project Z Coordinator

    center console?

    center console available? how much?
  3. vasny001

    vasny001 Member

    targa interior covers

    Do have the targa interior covers for both side? i dono what are they called?
  4. trentdaniell

    trentdaniell New Member

    n/a to tt

    Hi mate
    Just interested in turning my n/a to TT .... do u stil have all the parts needed for this?

    Thx Trent
  5. foibles

    foibles New Member


    Hi guys,

    Trent - yes, basically still have an almost entire car. Have everything needed for your TT conversion - entire driveline, brakes, etc etc. I assume 4566 is Nth Qld somewhere - Rocky?

    Vasny - I have the targa shades (which sit under the targa glass to cool it down), but not the targa bags, which the targa tops sit in when they are off the car. name your price (perhaps search on prior sales and I'll match that if reasonable)

    Cypha - which console? some guys here refer to stereo surround as console, others as the thing between the front seats. I assume the latter. If so, it is grey tweed covered in excellent condition. $100 inc delivery wherever.

    Josh - sorry mate, but the guy who has this car on his yard will tell me to g.. f..... if I put this request to him. unless you want to buy the whole door and then re-sell the parts you don't need.

    Peace - no clock sorry.

    BrisZ - did not get your PM?

    Richie - waiting on your email addy to send you photos of the bonnet. I would have thought low $200's to your door in Forster was a steal....
  6. GASIT

    GASIT New Member

    Hi there mate im interested in the drivers seat how much woul it cost to freieght it to townsville qld 4817
  7. foibles

    foibles New Member


    Drivers seat sold sorry.

    These parts have been sold - just about everything else is still up for grabs inc TT engine and accessories, 5spd manual conversion, etc etc

    ? Steering Column covers
    ? A pillar covers
    ? hatch trim
    ? little round screw cover from the C pillar
    ? drivers side seat belt bolt cover
    ? Door trims
    ? all the stuff behind the speaker grills (brackets, bolts, etc etc)
    ? Dash cluster
    ? drivers seat
    ? FRH Guard
    ? fibreglass reo
    ? front bar
  8. ZxulDv8

    ZxulDv8 Duty now for the Future !

    Jack set

    Is the original zx jack set available ? + freight to sunshine coast ?
  9. Gilesey

    Gilesey New Member

    Are the two front seats black leather? and what kind of condition are they in?
  10. foibles

    foibles New Member

    what the?

    well, my first post says the seats are GREY and CLOTH, whilst my last post says a seat is SOLD, so I guess you need to stop smoking crack this late in the day.

    and for everyone else, no this was not a pseudonym I created just to bump my thread! prank call!
  11. Gilesey

    Gilesey New Member


    Yeah nice one, i just read the driver seats part not the BOLD above it, silly me. Got any more cool flames for me?
  12. kinglover

    kinglover New Member

    wheres my fender ? last email said a week foibles?

    hey foibles

    Whats going on with my fender it's been over a month, no answer to pms?
    Has it been so ****ing long youve forgotten ?

  13. Spandex

    Spandex New Member

    TT cailpers?
    if so please pm me
  14. Bubbsy

    Bubbsy New Member

    Trim Bits

    Gday Jeremy

    Im after the following trim pieces

    Targa release trims for driver and passenger sides

    Seat belt securing bolt covers

    Hope you can help

  15. dieseldave

    dieseldave Well-Known Member

    Starter Motor

    Do you have the starter motor? How much? and can you pack and post it to Melb for me?
  16. jaja101

    jaja101 New Member


    Interested in these items.

    Ash tray - $25 -this is the one in the centre? Next to the lighter? (or part of...can't remember)

    Front bar - stock TT black - $175 ? wasn?t sure if this one was gone?

    Black Bonnet - $180 - what condition? has this one gone? Can I get a pic of it maybe?

    If you could get back to me with some ideas about shipping too (I'm in Perth WA), that'd be cool :)

    (I tried PM'ing you, its says your box is full)
  17. vasny001

    vasny001 Member

    Targa Shades

    Yo. What happen to the both sides targa shades? Im waiting for your reply.
  18. foibles

    foibles New Member


    targa shades both sides $100 inc delivery


  19. Spandex

    Spandex New Member

    I sent the money for the cailpers and sent 2 pm's can you please reply to me and tell me if they been sent. my engineer is waiting for them so i can finish my brakes.
  20. ardie

    ardie New Member

    hey mate do you still ahve the gearbox?

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