wrecking entire TT ZX 2+2 5spd

Discussion in 'Car Parts for Sale or Wanted' started by foibles, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. foibles

    foibles New Member


    Hi Nick,

    Yes, you were the first to pay. I receipted your payment on the 16th I think. Currently, I have taken payment from the following people;

    AK300ZX-TT Perth Steering Column covers
    KAOS Z Qld A pillar covers
    NICK TT Vic hatch trim
    little round screw cover from the C pillar
    drivers side seat belt bolt cover
    raheen NSW Door trims
    all the stuff behind the speaker grills Dash cluster
    Steve Cyber NSW drivers seat
    kinglover wa FRH Guard
    justin tas fibreglass reo

    Status - as most of you know, car is sitting under a tree on a paddock in Hobart. I have asked Mick (who is a panelbeater, and also owns the paddock, and secures the car) to arrange for parts to be removed, packaged, etc and then Toll Ipec will be called. I am not asking mick to go out to the car each time someone wants to know the condition of the LH rear seatbelt, because it just ain't that simple. So I am asking him to 'batch' up all the effort, which he has done. All parts have been removed and wrapped, but courier will not be arriving until Wednesday morning. At this time, I hope to have con note numbers so that the above can track their deliveries.

    I am in the process of receipting and acknowledging more payments, in which case I will then ask Mick to batch this up NEXT weekend, for delivery NEXT week. Unfortunately, Mick is not a wrecker (as these prices reflect), so I have to work in with his timeframes too.

    A little patience would be appreciated. I fully understand that it is your money on the line and that you are anxious to secure the parts. They are almost there now. I have not been helped by the dozens of PM's asking for assorted bolts, screws and minor parts which do NOT appear on the for sale list, this distracts from knowing who to respond to and who not to.

    No replies to this post please guys. I will be PM'ing all who have made payments to advise of status.



    PS - I will also update post to reflect sold items.
  2. NickTT

    NickTT L E X U S

    didn't realise you don't even have access to the car to tell me if the parts I payed for are even in good condition...

    I guess time will tell, thanks for the reply
  3. foibles

    foibles New Member


    Nick - I don't need access. I can ask Mick. I don't need to be a mechanic (and fortunately I'm not) to get an appraisal or a diagnostic from him. he's advised that parts are in good order, so you will be fine.
  4. NickTT

    NickTT L E X U S

    thats fine then, as long as someone has seen them :)
  5. stevecyber

    stevecyber New Member

    Hi Jeremy,

    How?s the con note for the drivers seat going?

    Last email said seat should be sent on Wednesday last week.

    Any news?



  6. kinglover

    kinglover New Member

    been awhile anyone get parts yet?

    curious if anyone has recieved their parts yet ?
    no updates for awhile,I appeciate it looks
    to be a complex arrangement and could take awhile an update
    would be appeciated
  7. OdinZ

    OdinZ New Member

    Hi I'm interested in the engine depending on condition and history etc. I'm in Tassie so i could even pull the engine out myself. Will send PM.
  8. OdinZ

    OdinZ New Member

    Just ried to send a PM but your inbox is full

    so here is my PM anyway :rolleyes:
    feel free to reply as a PM though ;)

    G'day mate,

    I am interested in the engine from your wreck depending on the condition and the history of it. I am living in Tassie and i am able to do the engine pull myself which will save your mechanic a hell of alot of work. with that in mind i would also expect a significant discount on the price of the engine. ;) I just found out last night that i have blown a piston in my engine so the most effective means of getting the car back on the raod is to do a straight engine swap. So i am after an engine that is in top condition (ie requires no work) that i can drop straight into my car.
    I would like to know a few things about the cars history though. For starters why is the car being wrecked? was it in an accident? if so, what kind? was the front end damaged bad enough to effect the engine at all?
    Also can you say for sure that the Km's on the odometer are correct, and do you know if it has had it's 100,000km service done? Do you know about the owner history and when it was imported etc. I take it that it is an imported J-spec TT engine?
    Another efficiency is that i am friends with jono (AKA sim300) so if he wants the gear box we could possibly work on the removal of both engine and gear box simultaniously.
    Sorry i know i have bombarded you with questions but i would greatly appreciate it if you could attempt a reply. Also if it is easier for everyone you might want to put me into direct contact with the mechanic here in Tas to direct my questions to and organise things if we go ahead.
    Ok, look forward to your reply :)
  9. mattyhylander

    mattyhylander Black Zedder

    Tried to PM you but your inbox is full...

    About the turbos, what nick are they in and how much do you want for the pair?
  10. yellow_300zx

    yellow_300zx New Member

    hey, would u take the bonnet and the front bar for $100 each? thanks let me no thru pm
  11. AK300ZX-TT

    AK300ZX-TT Won 5 Autosalon Awards 08


    has every one else got their stuff the one they bought,cause im still waiting for mine and its been a longggggggggggggggg time......
    got private message from him that he will let me know whats going on....
  12. AK300ZX-TT

    AK300ZX-TT Won 5 Autosalon Awards 08

    its been over a month now still waiting for my stuff i paid whats goin on man
  13. NickTT

    NickTT L E X U S

    also still waiting
  14. AK300ZX-TT

    AK300ZX-TT Won 5 Autosalon Awards 08

    still waiting and need to

    know what is going on man,
  15. Raheen

    Raheen Active Member

    Got my stuff...

    My stuff turned up yesterday... I too was affected by Toll Ipec being a punch of muppets.... Thing is I missed the delivery and now they cant deliver it till 21st.... Im going on holidays on 20th..... so they are going to hold it for me til new years.....
  16. foibles

    foibles New Member

    Toll Ipec

    Hi Glenn,

    My apologies (again). Whilst it is at least some relief to know that they have located and now started to deliver the parts, I appreciate the on-going impacts. I won't be surprised if some of the other guys are also impacted in this way.

    For other people interested in parts (for future reference) I now have something tantamount to a book of con notes (about 90 of them in total) so anyone who buys any parts will get con note number and faxed image of the con note (should they so wish) PRIOR to the item even being paid for. Upon payment, con note will be sent to Hobart, affixed to the item, and I will (regrettably enough) have to track each item very carefully each step of the way.

    Enjoy XMAS and the hols - Raheen et al.


  17. R1ch1e_11

    R1ch1e_11 ZEDIFIED

    Black Bonnet

    Hey mate, Im interested in getting the black bonnet of you just wondering what the best price you can do for me is including freight, i live in Forster, NSW 2428...Thanks mate
  18. foibles

    foibles New Member


    PM sent
  19. brisz

    brisz Well-Known Member

    Driver Seat

    PM Sent
  20. peace

    peace New Member


    hi do you have the clock if so how mutch?

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