wrecking entire TT ZX 2+2 5spd

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  1. foibles

    foibles New Member

    As a courtesy to others posting in this section, I would request a PM rather than people bumping the thread with each question.

    Grey Cloth 2+2 Interior
    Drivers seats - $110
    Passenger - $110
    Rear - $120
    Dash - $120
    Door Trim - $50 each
    Kick Trim - $30 each
    Rear Quarter trim - $30 each
    Rear view mirror - $25
    Steering Column covers - $20 for both
    Ash tray - $25
    A Pillar trim - $15 each
    Cluster surround and Pod backs - $50
    Targa Tops - $100 each
    Sun visors $10 each
    Map lights - $25
    Boot Trim - $150 for the lot
    Hatch Trim - $90 for the lot
    Window switches - $50 ea

    Door window glass - $50 ea
    Head Lights - $120 each
    Black Bonnet - $180
    Front bar - stock TT black - $175
    Front bar reo - $200
    Guards - $200 ea
    Doors - $150 ea
    Hatch and glass - $200
    Rear bar - $70
    Side skirts - $40 ea
    TT Radiator & Shroud - $120 or $90 & $40
    TT Aircon compressor - $100
    Wipers, Front and Rear - $10 each
    Stock side indicators yellow - $5 each
    Coolant bottle with filler & lid - $40
    Oil cooler - $15
    TT engine - complete with TPS, CAS, turbos and loom - done 117K klms, good condition but rarely used - $2300
    CAS, PTU, TPS, turbos etc - make an offer
    5spd Gearbox - $800
    TT 2+2 exhaust system - stock - $150
    Manual TT ECU - $220
    Shell - registerable - $500 (once all is said and done)

    if prices seem too high or low, I'm not expert at ZX parts market, so this is asking price. if you don't like the prices, don't buy, or you can always make an offer. worst I will do is say no.

    if anything is not on the list that you need, feel free to ask.

    parts in Tassie.

    prices do not include freight but this can be arranged very cheaply.


  2. LOWZX

    LOWZX Banned

    here is a suggestion Jeremy

    With all due respect,people should ask the questions on the for sale thread,so others interested in these parts wont keep sending p/m's with the same questions
    The answers will also help with selling the stuff as these questions will be what people are wondering !! ,good luck with sale of your parts
    (dont worry about people bumping the thread,after all your aim is to sell the parts isnt it ??)
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  3. Gonzo


    Hatch and Glass

    Dibs on the hatch and glass thanks
    Im in Hobart so may arrange for pick up.
  4. zac_du_preez

    zac_du_preez A.K.A. PreeZ

    I didnt know there were aus spec TTs...:bash: hehehe
  5. LOWZX

    LOWZX Banned

    you just worry about learning that the lower the number in your illegal tint means its darker :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :p :p :D

    now there are t/t's that have aus spec parts on them wouldnt you agree ??? now there are also aus specs that have been converted to t/t wouldnt you agree ??? eg ,300zxlover = aus spec t/t lol

    so is it originally an aus spec or jap spec is what i would like to know ???
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  6. pexzed

    pexzed Forum Administrator

    Do you have the splash guard that covers the belts and pulleys (not the one under the pod filter)
  7. AK300ZX-TT

    AK300ZX-TT Won 5 Autosalon Awards 08

    Steering Column covers - $20 for both sold

    Steering Column covers - $20 for both
    if they r the one for wipers and lights and etc then ill have um,,consider them sold let me know the postage to perth 6016,,and then give me ur bank details cheers AK from perth:biggrin: :zlove:
  8. 300zx lover

    300zx lover THE F@%KEN ARAB

  9. Z_Master

    Z_Master Banned

  10. Z_Master

    Z_Master Banned


    pm sent
  11. foibles

    foibles New Member

    reply to posts and PM's

    Hi All,

    Have quite a few PM's to get through. Some require me to stick my head inside the car and have a dig around. So I will attempt to reply to all posts and PM's by 8PM tonight. Thanks,

  12. faruk

    faruk New Member


    just wondering if the turbos were standard and also has the car got aftermarket dump pipes?
  13. ACTZX

    ACTZX New Member

    If the cluster surround and pod backs are in good nick

    are in good nick with all mounting holes intact - I'll take them.
  14. ACTZX

    ACTZX New Member

    What about rear light panels?

    Like a price if available.
  15. apollo

    apollo New Member

    Pm sent!! L:D
  16. blackjap

    blackjap New Member

    z parts

    What sort of side skirts are they? Do you have pics?cheers chris:cool:
  17. WA300Z

    WA300Z ZD32WA

    Thats the message I sent some guy but I cant get a response, maybe you can help
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  18. NickTT

    NickTT L E X U S

    hatch trim

    i'm after this part


    consider it sold if you have it still and its in good condition.

    I'm also after a little round screw cover from the C pillar, its like 1cm in diameter so if you have it, i'll take it.

    also after drivers side seat belt bolt cover

    steering column covers
    centre console cover

    if they are in good condition and havent been painted or scratched then I'll take them.

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  19. foibles

    foibles New Member


    Hey guys - sorry, I've banged off responses to;

    KAOS Z
    Eastern Eye

    and I'll endeavour to get to the rest of you ASAP. Apologies, car is a Jap spec, hence no side skirts. for those wanting more obscure parts, please send me photos (if easier - email to aubit1@optusnet.com.au).

    WA300Z - Aaron - appreciate the detail in your post, will get back to you tomorrow, it's a mission for me to get through all this.
  20. 300zx lover

    300zx lover THE F@%KEN ARAB

    can i get a reply as well:)

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