Wrecking Complete Nissan Z32 300zx twin turbo 4 seater

Discussion in 'Car Parts for Sale or Wanted' started by Romeo33, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. Romeo33

    Romeo33 Her name is Jazmine...

    hi guys,
    still have a lot of parts both turbo and non turbo. if you need anything please give me a call or email me and ill respond to you ASAP

    0422 390 618

  2. Blacky

    Blacky New Member

    do you still have the arial and inner front guard rhs.If so how much
  3. Romeo33

    Romeo33 Her name is Jazmine...

    hi mate. yep should have arial. dont think i have the rhs front gaurd. will have to check that. PM sent
  4. Romeo33

    Romeo33 Her name is Jazmine...

    Hey guys

    Swaybars are sold. still have parts, so any interests please let me know. thanks.

    0422 390 618

  5. Mr 0uch

    Mr 0uch Bare footed zman

    hey mate do you have one of these?


    im after one of these that has all working switches, screws and needs to be in good condition (no cracks ect)
    $30 sound good?
  6. ElkyJnr

    ElkyJnr New Member

    you still got the whole engine complete?
  7. Zxryan

    Zxryan New Member

    hey, whats left on the car?
    have youi still got the a/c Ducts that go above the drivers feet, one feeds the door vent and the other one straight down i believe
  8. Aries25

    Aries25 Mr Figjam

    Hey mate I'm located in SA but ineterested in the engine complete, what r u asking for it and whats the milage supposedly on it?? Is the car a manual or auto?
  9. Romeo33

    Romeo33 Her name is Jazmine...

    hey guys.... sorry if i havent got to all of you. i just finished exams and getting back into answering emails again. sorry for the delay guys. i will get to all of you as soon as possible. thanks. if you are need parts urgently please call/sms me guys. will work much quicker that way. thanks. Romeo
  10. Romeo33

    Romeo33 Her name is Jazmine...

    hey mate,
    sorry both engie and gearbox is gone. sorta regretting the engine sale as i need one now :(....awww well. good luck with the search man

  11. Romeo33

    Romeo33 Her name is Jazmine...

    PM sent mate

  12. Romeo33

    Romeo33 Her name is Jazmine...

    hey mate. may have that. PM sent

  13. 300zx snake

    300zx snake New Member

    Man i am after the drivers side cowl grill - can you help?
  14. supersonic

    supersonic New Member

    hey mate. how is the driver's door outside trim? you know, the plastic bit on the upright window frame. know what i mean? maybe a passenger door window switch if you still got it?
  15. 2 Thumb's up

    2 Thumb's up Member

    A/C switch

    Hi Romeo, do you have an A/C control switch for sale in your box of goodies???
    Cheers :thumbup:
  16. daz07

    daz07 Daz

    Did it have a stock front bar and do you still have that in good nick?

    I did a search on the thread and couldn't find any reference to a front bar.

  17. slapstickz

    slapstickz Banned

    how much do you want your turbos for are they in good condition are the seals on it stil fine. Does it blow white smoke
  18. Romeo33

    Romeo33 Her name is Jazmine...

    hey guys.....sorry for the late reply. havnt been able to access the web for a few days. PM sent to all. thanks.
  19. zedsrsweet

    zedsrsweet New Member

    hey do u have stock rear wing if so how much
  20. Romeo33

    Romeo33 Her name is Jazmine...

    hey sorry mate Gone.

    * anyone interesteed in the 4 wheel steering system?
    * i have all the seats inside. $70 each
    * carpet- $50 each

    * original floor mats - $100 for the lot

    * targas - $70 each

    * lights. back and front - $50 each

    * front dash - $75

    * the shell - $300

    i have a whole heap of parts to inside the container. if your in vic come down and have a look. thanks guys.


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