Wrecking Complete Nissan Z32 300zx twin turbo 4 seater

Discussion in 'Car Parts for Sale or Wanted' started by Romeo33, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. Romeo33

    Romeo33 Her name is Jazmine...

    hey Mate....sorry dont have have any of those. sorry.

  2. BADZX

    BADZX Grumpy old fart

    TT Auto gearbox available ?

    $$$$ ??????

  3. Romeo33

    Romeo33 Her name is Jazmine...

    Sorry Mate, just sold it. i have a NA auto gearbox for sale....but dont think that would interest you....

  4. Romeo33

    Romeo33 Her name is Jazmine...

    Exhaust, Cannons

    hey guys, thanks for all the replies....:)

    i got rid of a few things now....

    i still have quite a few exhausts, both dual, single, after market and standard for 2 and 4 seater.

    for the standard 2 seater some one can have that for $80

    I have an Apexi dual with huge sexy 4.5 inch tips. a genuine cat back W system from Apexi. would be very nice on the car. its been modified a bit though. someone must have used it for racing in japan or here. so you guys can have that for $150. you can either leave it as it is or bring it back to standard as i should have the resonators with me.

    i also have a dual cannon taken from the 4 seater twin turbo. nice sound to it. that is a complete unit from engine to back. modified piping to bypass cats. you can have that for $200

    i have a single huge piping....maybe 3-3.5 inch cat back. very nice sysem. you can have that for $150. thats for a 2 seater.
    take care guyz....
  5. giddyup

    giddyup New Member

    Hi, is the Apexi dual system for a 2 or 4 seater? If it suits a four seater, I'm in!
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  6. Romeo33

    Romeo33 Her name is Jazmine...

    hey mate....yeh its for a four seater. PM sent. thanks
  7. OdinZ

    OdinZ New Member

    hey mate,

    I'm after a working Air/Con compressor pump.
    Also the windscreen wiper control box/ sloneoid. it is a green plastic rectangular box about the size of 2 match boxes maybe slightly bigger. it is mounted drivers side up in the corner where the brake booster and all those fuses and solenoids are.
  8. infernomax

    infernomax New Member

    Do you have the Boot Catch? the part that takes 3 screws to remove that the boot hook clips in to?
  9. Romeo33

    Romeo33 Her name is Jazmine...

    hey...yep should have that. you mean basically the lock yeh?
    PM sent :)

  10. AndyMac

    AndyMac Better than you

    Hey mate, did you say the sway bars were whiteline? If so front and rear? How much.
  11. Romeo33

    Romeo33 Her name is Jazmine...

    hey mate....yep got em. im asking $300 for the lot....front, rear and all fittings. thanks

  12. Romeo33

    Romeo33 Her name is Jazmine...

    hey guys....the rear after market suspension is sold.....

    i have the sway bars....front and rear avail now. in good condition and comes with all fittings. $300

    the other aftermarket item i have is the transmission Cooler, which is made in Canada. not sure the brand though....but almost new. $80
  13. Romeo33

    Romeo33 Her name is Jazmine...

    PM sent mate
  14. matszx

    matszx New Member

  15. Romeo33

    Romeo33 Her name is Jazmine...

  16. Romeo33

    Romeo33 Her name is Jazmine...


    hey OdinZ....i tried emailing you through the forums but your email is full. was gonna post that of solenoid wiper for you but not sure exactly which one it is. here is the email i sent you. Guys if you know Odin or his phone number could you please pass it on to me so i can give him a call. thanks

    "hi mate,
    the deposit came in today. thanks. i went to post it today but had a bit of trouble finding which solenoid box is yours for the wiper control. there is a green rectangular box there but it isnt the size of two match boxes. maybe the size of one. there are two rubber pipes comming from the top and it is incased in another frame. is this the one you are talking about? there is another larger box that is silver on this car and is on the side panel of the car in the same region. this one is quite large. maybe 4 match boxes. i have a picture if i havnt explained this properly. let me know mate. if you need a picture or if you could even send me a picture that would be good to. my email is romeo_338@hotmail.com"
    0422 390 618
  17. Romeo33

    Romeo33 Her name is Jazmine...

    Hey Guys....

    just an update.

    engine, gearbox, diff and axel are sold.

    i have had a few enquiries about the whiteline swaybars but no takers as yet. so anyone interested in it please let me know.

    from the body, i have most parts: hatch, doors, bonnet, glasses. have have most interior parts as well.

    the exhausts are there to. that is the Apexi dual, another dual system engine to back with custom piping and a single large 4 inch for a 2 seater.

    many other parts available. any enquiries let me know guys. thanks

    0422 390 618
  18. lobsta

    lobsta Godlike Member

    interested in swaybars if a bit cheaper.. i can get new for 380 lol
  19. Romeo33

    Romeo33 Her name is Jazmine...

    hey mate, yeh they are still up for grabs. let me know what price you think is best. thanks

  20. Romeo33

    Romeo33 Her name is Jazmine...

    hey guys got an after market trans oil cooler. - $50

    have slotted front hubs - $100

    ECU auto TT - $150

    any other inquiries please call or email me


    0422 390 618

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