Wrecking Complete Nissan Z32 300zx twin turbo 4 seater

Discussion in 'Car Parts for Sale or Wanted' started by Romeo33, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. Romeo33

    Romeo33 Her name is Jazmine...

    Hi Guys,
    have with me a Z32 to wreck. complete. auto twin turbo 4 seater. had an accident to back quater panel. apart from that section of the car, everything else is in good. you can buy the whole car for $3500ono. or take whatever parts you need.

    my email is romeo_338@hotmail.com

    phone: 0422 390 618

    Please pleeeaseee guys if you need something best option is to call me or send an email through my hotmail. i hardly get a chance to peep through my emails in the zx site. i have to many emails accounts to tend too....

  2. Inkar

    Inkar Black NA Slicktop

    do you have a pic of the car
  3. jasonrulz8

    jasonrulz8 {^_^}

    Hey was there anything wrong with the engine? How many k's has it done?
  4. Romeo33

    Romeo33 Her name is Jazmine...

    engine is in very good condition. it has been checked. it has done around 120kz
  5. Romeo33

    Romeo33 Her name is Jazmine...

    hey guys....still heaps of parts avail....

    please feel free to call me anytime. thanks

    0422 390 618

  6. whoppersandwich

    whoppersandwich Le Canon De Douche

    How much do you want for the center panel, and the hydraulic arms for the boot?
  7. Romeo33

    Romeo33 Her name is Jazmine...

    hey mate,
    centre panel is already sold. for the hydraulic arms in the boot hows $50 for the pair? thanks
  8. Romeo33

    Romeo33 Her name is Jazmine...

    guys iv found an after market trans oil cooler in the car and also aftermarket lower support bar i think its called. its under the engine and helps with handling i think. let me know if anyone is interested.
  9. Lovic

    Lovic Non-member

    a/m fmic or smic??
  10. Romeo33

    Romeo33 Her name is Jazmine...

    hey mate....what do you mean by fmic or smic?
  11. Lovic

    Lovic Non-member

    om....then i guess no.
    front mount intercooler/ side mount intercooler
  12. Romeo33

    Romeo33 Her name is Jazmine...

    ohhhh k.....
    yeh they bolt on to the front
  13. Chilledpain

    Chilledpain Z Reaper

    Hey m8

    Chasing an aftermarket trans cooler. Pics? Also, how much are you after for it?


  14. mad4it4eva

    mad4it4eva New Member

  15. Romeo33

    Romeo33 Her name is Jazmine...

    thanks mate:)
  16. Romeo33

    Romeo33 Her name is Jazmine...

    thanks mate:)
  17. Romeo33

    Romeo33 Her name is Jazmine...

    Hey guys....
    i found some more aftermarket stuff in the car.

    the rear suspension is AGX adjustable suspension

    here is some info on it:

    Suits standard height or 35mm lowered springs only

    Import Sport High performance has become the hottest segment in the business. Now, KYB introduces the perfect high performance shock for today's high technology consumer.

    Built with the advanced engineering and exceptional quality you'd expect from KYB, AGX lets the driver tune their shocks to match driving conditions in seconds.

    Fast on car adjustment: No need to fit the vehicle or remove anything to change settings. Damping rate is selected with an external knob on the shock body or a screw driver slot at the top of the piston rod, depending on the model.

    Adjustable damping allows one shock to meet all conditions: Strip, Cruising, High Speed Touring, Street and Track.

    The single damping adjustment on the AGX Shock changes both the rebound and compression strokes.

    Depending on the model, there are either four or eight stages of adjustment.

    In addition to manually adjustable damping settings, AGX features 3-stage, real-time, auto adjusting damping.

    When driving on a smooth surface, shock movements are relatively slow and the AGX valving allows the shock to travel freely. As road conditions get rougher, the shock is compressed faster. AGX responds instantly to make response firmer, maintaining tyre contact and vehicle control.

    This 3 stage valve action allows AGX Shocks to adjust to road conditions automatically.

    Competitive-grade engineering and construction.
    Sintering iron pistons and guide rods for the greater strength and durability.

    they are selling on ebay for over $1007 for set of four.

    ill sell these for $300
  18. Romeo33

    Romeo33 Her name is Jazmine...

    hey guys...
    also have front and rear whiteline sway bars on the car.
    $300 for both. thanks
  19. Romeo33

    Romeo33 Her name is Jazmine...

    Also guys found another thing

    there a nice dual system on the car at the moment. large single tips. i think 4-4.5 inch. the system itself has been modified and there is not cats on the system. instead they have made a straight pipe to replace where the cats were. it has a nice pitch to it. i can sell the whole thing for $300. thats the full system from the engine back. the pipes that replace the cats are very good quality piping.

    0422 390 618
  20. MikeZ32

    MikeZ32 das Über member

    hi mate, i'm after pretty much all of the rear boot trim, screws, nuts etc. mainly the 3 big pieces that covers the rear lights and reverse lights. if you still got them let me know by PM.

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