NSW Wrecking 1990 Z32 TT manual

Discussion in 'Car Parts for Sale or Wanted' started by savs, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. 300zed1day

    300zed1day New Member

    So i guess, its 100% straight ?? Where are you from, When can i pick it up ?

  2. Mrmagoo

    Mrmagoo New Member

    pm sent
  3. kbro3

    kbro3 Baby oil technician.

    Have you got the rubber boot that's just below the gearstick?


  4. savs

    savs New Member

    Sutherland Shire and looks pretty good I cant see any dings in it..
  5. savs

    savs New Member

    sorry its gone with manual conversion
  6. 300zed1day

    300zed1day New Member

    Pm me a contact Phone number and ill organise pick up. Cheers
  7. savs

    savs New Member

    PM sent...
  8. willberg

    willberg New Member

    Just wondering if you have passenger rear mirror
  9. Baroo

    Baroo TIMMAY!

    Is the engine out of the car now?

    If so could you take some more photo's for me. :)

    Basically I need to know what sort of condition it is in. I got the dreaded noise of death coming from my pistons :(
  10. zedboy

    zedboy Active Member

    What front bar does it have and what condition?
  11. savs

    savs New Member

    sorry sold..
  12. savs

    savs New Member

    ok will do
  13. savs

    savs New Member

    no bar its destroyed
  14. savs

    savs New Member


    Gearbox conversion sold
    Cluster sold
    LH tail light sold
    fuel pump sold
    drivers window sold
    seats sold
    stereo brackets sold
    dash top sold
    radiator and shrowd sold
    ashtray sold
    fuse box lid sold
    seat rails sold
    rear centre panel sold
    indicators sold
    fog lights sold
    wheels sold
    LH guard sold
    RH door hinges sold
    motor sold pending payment
    passenger mirror sold
  15. sr20det510

    sr20det510 New Member

    Tail shaft please?
  16. geofnvic

    geofnvic New Member

    Would like to know if you still have the power steering pump available??
    Geoff Wood
  17. savs

    savs New Member

    went with manual conversion
  18. savs

    savs New Member

    sorry looks to be sold with motor
  19. unv300zx

    unv300zx Project Z32

    do you have the front bar
  20. exquisit

    exquisit New Member

    hey mate

    do you have the brake master cylinder for sale?


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