NSW Wrecking 1990 Z32 TT manual

Discussion in 'Car Parts for Sale or Wanted' started by savs, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. mikemd

    mikemd New Member

    PM sent
  2. savs

    savs New Member

    Yep i have it $45 + post post looks to be pretty good no cracks
  3. Malcochevy

    Malcochevy New Member

    Do you have the drivers Door Seal Belt, complete assembly still, and is it recoiling Ok if so how much $$
  4. savs

    savs New Member

    I have one here buts its from the hard top and mounts the piullar not door like taga tops..what do you have?
  5. angrybear

    angrybear Moderator

    PM sent.
  6. Baroo

    Baroo TIMMAY!

    Possibly interested in engine.

    Are there any more details you can provide???
  7. savs

    savs New Member

    what else would you like to know?

    Still in car was running until fuel pump removed and gearbox is coming out Monday

    Has 81k on the motor
  8. slapstickz

    slapstickz Banned

    mate im after the rear driver side upper and lower side control arms and shaft,
  9. savs

    savs New Member

    sorry dont have
  10. savs

    savs New Member


    Gearbox conversion sold
    Cluster sold
    LH tail light sold
    fuel pump sold
    drivers window sold
    seats sold
    stereo brackets sold
    dash top sold
    radiator and shrowd sold
    ashtray sold
    fuse box lid sold
  11. slapstickz

    slapstickz Banned

    have you got the release valve sitting ontop of the compressor its a small item
  12. Mrmagoo

    Mrmagoo New Member

    How much for the interior panels?
    centre console
    door panels
    under dash

    don't need the rear panels
  13. savs

    savs New Member

    dont have it sorry
  14. savs

    savs New Member

    centre console $35 no shifter surround
    door panels $80ea
    under dash $15ea
  15. pennyarvs

    pennyarvs New Member

  16. savs

    savs New Member

  17. MoulaZX

    MoulaZX #TEAMROB


    Picture please? :)

  18. savs

    savs New Member

    picture of what sorry?
  19. 300zed1day

    300zed1day New Member

    Do you still have Passenger side Guard ?? Please send pics...

  20. savs

    savs New Member

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