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Discussion in 'Car Parts for Sale or Wanted' started by zx299, Nov 22, 2019.

  1. zx299

    zx299 Well-Known Member

    I got offered a great deal on some oem windscreen cowl clips for the zed. There are 12 clips in total on the zed windscreen cowls .... 6 round and 6 rectangular and I grabbed them @$19.20/set (mates rates)


    Most of them have been snapped up already, but I have 5 sets leftover

    PM me if you want a set or two. Postage is $2.50

    p.s I also have 3 green brake pedal bumpers @$9.85ea (also used for Cruise Control)
  2. zx299

    zx299 Well-Known Member

    These windscreen clips are getting hard to find and are usually double this price

    The green brake pedal bumpers are available just about everywhere for $14ea

    Even though the green brake pedal bumpers are still a bit pricey @$9.85 , I replaced mine because they seem to last about 20yrs and it's good routine maintenance (and it beats the hell out of finding your battery 'dead flat' because your brake lights have stayed on )
  3. Henk

    Henk Member

    I could use a set of those clips. Do you still have them available.
    Henk on Mob. 0458 778 470
  4. zx299

    zx299 Well-Known Member

    Just did a quick price check on these cowl clips .......

    Looks like Concept has the best price in the US @ $US31.26
    and CarCraze has the best local price @ $AU35.80
  5. Henk

    Henk Member

    Thanks 299. Received clips. Cheers

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