NSW Wakefield park track day 10th of October

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    So as my zed is back up and running im happy to announce that the Nissan Sports Car Club has started taking names for its 2nd track day of the year!
    In as little as 6 weeks (Saturday 10th of October) you will get the chance to have TIMED laps (7 or more 10minute sessions) with the first and midday sessions open for you to bring a passenger on the track.

    Now the information you need to know
    There will be a maximum of 60 cars with the format of the day being as follows.

    We will have six groups maximum, with each group separated by previous track experience and times (These will be set by natsoft from last track day once we have a full field)
    First timers will have a 10 minutes familiarisation session, where a more experienced person will passenger in their car and show them where the track actually goes, where the pit lane exit was, the racing line to follow and braking markers.

    We will have a number of experienced people available all day.
    Ambulance and Recovery will be available on the day

    The day will cost $145 for members (of the nscc)
    The nscc are also offering a package of new membership and trackday $195 a saving of $25 joining fee

    You will need a cams l2s or you can purchase a wakefield licence on the day for $50

    You will also need long pants, good closed shoes, a helmet and long sleeved shirt.
    Wakefield also has helmets for hire for $20 with a $50 deposit

    For more information and payment details please visit the nscc website

    These days are great fun for all and will help you learn alot more about your car and driving that you can't learn on the road safely
    Feel free to ask me anything you wish to know about the day

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