For Sale VIC, Wrecking 2 Seater NA Manual Targa + Random Bit'n'Pieces

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  1. BT300zx

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    Greetings all, Currently harvesting 2 seater NA Manual Targa located 3088.
    Cars is pretty rough but reasonably straight.
    Other bits and pieces that have been collected over the years available also
    Car was running and driveable into workshop.
    *Everything negotiable just ask*
    I have quite the collection of interior and Engine/Body electrics available
    Extra Photos available on request.
    Engine, Fenders, Boot interior, Front Clip Frame SOLD
    CONTACT Brent - 0427 266 584

    $ 100 - Rear Hatch has pretty bad rust under factory spoiler - Good Glass
    $100 ea - Doors (No locks)
    $250 pair - Headlights - Resonable Condition
    $100 pair - 2 PAirs AUS delivered outer lenses (no lights)
    $75 pair - Aus delivered indicator/park lenses
    $75 Pair - FOG lights
    $100 - Rear bumper - no cracks
    $100 - Bonnet
    $150 - Fuel tank w/ Sendors Pump
    $250 set Front hubs w/ Brake/ rotors etc
    Dash & interior - ask for parts*
    $1200 ono. Complete Manual Conversion: Box (Sus 1st gear) w/ starter, loom, flywheel & clutch kit, 2 seater NA tailshaft, brake & clutch pedals, clutch master & slave, factory hardlines, heat shields & all bolts and nuts etc.

    $200 - NA Cluster reads 95xxxkms
    $150 - Great Condition TT Bumper. No Cracks

    20200406_150024.jpg 20200406_150015.jpg
    $250 NA Diff
    $250 PAIR - 5 bolts shafts
    $100 PAIR - KYB EXCEL G Rear Shocks
    $100 Per PAIR - Upper/toe/traction control arms
    $150 Pass ONLY lower control arm
    $75 Rear Sway bar assembly

    20200405_120549.jpg 20200405_120518.jpg
    $125 - TT Lightened Flywheel w/Starter Motor Spacer Shim (just incase)
    $75 - Nolathane Subframe Bush Kit

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    ADAMZX 2000spec Conversion

    Hey mate do you still have a passenger side door regulator with motor please? And how much
  3. cannaveli

    cannaveli New Member

    hi do you have a driver seat and backseat ?
  4. BT300zx

    BT300zx Member

    Yes. Several sets to choose from all tweed.
  5. doc1

    doc1 Member

    hi I am looking for the main battery fusable link. its the fuse with the blue wire located on the drivers side fuse box near the firewall. mine is blown and have hade up a temporary one.
  6. BT300zx

    BT300zx Member

    Yeah easy bud. Did you want to collect or post?
  7. doc1

    doc1 Member

    pm sent thanks
  8. OldZedFan

    OldZedFan OldZedFan

    Gday Mate. Do you have any injectors?
  9. BT300zx

    BT300zx Member

    Yes 2 sets of S1 NA injectors in rails in stock.

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