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  1. will300zx

    will300zx Member

    hi there got these two turbos they are jm-gsp the model is jm25-001b they are practicaly brand new where fitted to the engine because the car was puffing out smoke so put these on and then realised that there was more wrong with the engine than i thought so now im selling them only 20kms on them still have the original boxes

    if you want pics i can text them as i dont know how to load them on hear

  2. Wasgood

    Wasgood New Member

    text photos to pmed number
    were they for a manual or auto?
  3. will300zx

    will300zx Member

    For a manual
  4. C Theo

    C Theo Chris Theodoulou

    Are the turbos still for sale im very interested
  5. will300zx

    will300zx Member

    sold pending payment

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