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Discussion in 'Car Parts for Sale or Wanted' started by SuperZ, Oct 27, 2015.

  1. SuperZ

    SuperZ Resident Z lunatic


    Have a stock TT engine for sale

    Bought it originally to rebuild with forged internals but ended up buying a forged motor, so this is now spare and still together in one piece.

    I need the lower plenum off it, but otherwise the rest of the motor is for sale - stock turbo's included with block / heads etc.

    Motor was working fine and was originally pulled due to an oil leak - will try to get compression figures and klm's done, but its cheap at only $400

    Coffs Harbour pickup - can freight at buyers expense - I have an engine mount setup onto a pallet, so that it can be safely transported. (courtesy glenn and his welding skills)

    Price is firm..........$400 - a bargain - take it or leave it....:D

  2. SuperZ

    SuperZ Resident Z lunatic


    Don't need the lower plenum after all since I found the missing one........
    So the motor will be sold complete and intact as is........

  3. SuperZ

    SuperZ Resident Z lunatic

    As requested :

    Motor was at 86,000 klm's and was pulled due to an oil leak at the sump


  4. SuperZ

    SuperZ Resident Z lunatic

    Can have it delivered to your door on the NSW coast / Sydney / Wollongong for $200

    But only in the next day or two

    Otherwise will need to get / organise your own freight costs (150kg / 60 x 60 x 60)

    Comes with free static engine stand / CAS and AC compressor :cool:

    Surprised this hasn't sold as yet - maybe if I up the price it will sell fast :rofl: :eek:
  5. Mike

    Mike New Member

    Interested, PM on it's way. ;)
  6. SuperZ

    SuperZ Resident Z lunatic

    Engine has been SOLD

    Congratulations to the new lucky owner - you got a great bargain !

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