QLD Top 16 Battle Night - Friday 19th Feb Archerfield

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  1. Cam

    Cam ****

    6pm was practice where I really struggled to get a feel for the track as I've never drifted there before...and here I am leaping straight into a comp! :eek:

    Practice was for an hour where I did about 7 laps and figured that's as good as I'm going to get haha! :p

    7pm came and it was on for qualifying. 1x warm up lap followed by best out of 3 qualifying laps. Of course, my last lap was my best where I completed the course fairly clean.

    After qualifying came the battles. OMG, I've never even practiced a tandem drift battle in my life! I must be mad! :eek: You bet ya! :cool:

    I was packing enough bricks to build a bbq while rolling up to the start line. Chicky waves the go signal and we're off! I managed to complete the course without losing it and was quite surprised I kept up and didn't make any contact at the same time. GO ME! :D
    2nd lap, I lead. There's a fair bit of pressure not to spin when you have a car sideways on your tail only a few feet away. Of course, I missed a gear through the second last turn and came to a stop. BLAST! :( Chaser managed to pull up within inches of my rear end. :eek: phew!
    Of course, I was knocked out of the first round, which was to be expected but I was there for fun and to shut a smart arse up at the same time haha. :D WIN!

    After the comp, came play time, where we took spectators from the crowd for a lap. Did about 7 rounds of that non stop and the car loved it. Even did another tandem run and the passenger with me for that one loved it! :D

    All night on one pair of tyres with plenty more tread for Wed night's practice.
    Only damage to the car was the radiator over flow hose let go, got tangled in the fan and broke the connector off the water temp sender unit.

    Greatest experience in a long time! :thumbup:

    The tyres! I couldn't believe it myself. :eek:

    The only photo I could find of me.

    Here's photos of the guys I was competing against.
    (Click on "49 PHOTOS CAN BE FOUND HERE" for...well, 49 more photos :p)
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  2. pmack

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    Well Done Mr Sticky

    There's nothing like facing the music , and having a go!
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  3. black baz

    black baz black 'n blue Bazemy

    ..top stuff, Cam .. and a great write up ... looks like you had a heap of fun ... !!!!

    .. excellent first time show ...... you must be itching for the next outing ...
  4. Drokk

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    Are you going this Wed for the practice session? If so I might make it over for a look, only about 2 mins away from me.
  5. Cam

    Cam ****

    More than likely. Got a camera with a big flash? :D

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