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Discussion in 'Technical' started by C Theo, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. C Theo

    C Theo Chris Theodoulou

    Hi Everyone,

    I am currently have a few issues with my mechanic and the timing belt.

    The current situation is this. My 1990 300zx TT is my first car i brought and has been my pride and joy. I am now getting married and have organized a reception place where they will let me drive me car onto the dance floor and the bride and my self can take off in the car.

    My Current mechanic is becoming very difficult to deal with and to top it all of has cracked my front bumper and damaged my car.

    I am reaching out does anyone know a good mechanic that can help fix my timing belt apparently the belt is off by a few teeth. As when i took the car to be turned down at Chequered Tuning an error kept popping up as the timing was out.

    I live in the Doncaster area at the moment so closer to this area the better but at this stage happy to travel as im running out of time to try get the car ready by the 4th of June.

    Can anyone help me out here please??
  2. Madcow

    Madcow Active Member

    My advice is to tread very carefully, and dont to anything crazy, make sure you are 100% covered and not being put into a position where the mechanic can blame shift.

    Th VG30 is an interference motor, if its off by more than a tooth or 2, you may have had valves hitting pistons. He may be aware of the damage that has been done (if any)

    Cracked front bar may be the least of your worries.....
  3. Martin Williams

    Martin Williams Well-Known Member

    You don't tell us what work your mechanic has carried out! Did he renew the timing belt? Why did you take it to be retuned, did you have an issue?
    I don't know Chequered Tuning, are they good with 300zxs?
    Tell us more please
  4. C Theo

    C Theo Chris Theodoulou

    I should all add the car was at the mechanics get all hoses replace as they were still the originals one's from 1990 and also put two brand new stock turbos in as well
  5. C Theo

    C Theo Chris Theodoulou

    The guys at Chequered Tuning are amazing really help full i took the car to them to be turned as the car and all brand new hoses gaskets and brand new turbos replaced.

    So the car had also never been tuned in the 8 to 9 years i have had it so well over due for one as well
  6. AndyMac

    AndyMac Better than you

    If you've taken it to be tuned I assume that you've paid the mechanic and taken your car. If this is true your in a difficult situation where getting it repaired before they've admitted liability in writing is going to be an uphill battle to win.

    I don't recall any error code relating to timing other than 21 - ign circuit, which is the CAS. They may have just had a timing light on it and said that it's shot and can't tune.

    If it's only a couple of teeth, you might be ok and it's a simple job for a half intelligent mechanic to re-adjust it. Couple of hours.

    If your mechanic is being a d!ck, and you've already paid, you might just be better to have it rectified by someone else, or beg assistance from a forum member in exchange for beer.

  7. Martin Williams

    Martin Williams Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry! What are you saying that your mechanic has done or not done? Apart from cracking your front bar. Changing ALL of the hoses and the turbos, as far as I know, does not require the timing belt to be removed. Just Engine removed.
    IF the mechanic has replaced the front crankshaft, CAS or camshaft seals then the timing belt has to be removed and replaced.
    Did the car run well after you took it from mechanic to tuner?

    A lot of questions I know, just trying to help
  8. ABZ300

    ABZ300 G

    I can highly recommend both Graham (Tektrader) & Alex (badxtc)...both have worked on my zed & they know heaps & are always helpful. Hope that helps.
  9. C Theo

    C Theo Chris Theodoulou

    I took it the Zed to the mechanic to get all the hoses and turbos replace and while the engine was out we changed the timing belt.

    After all was finished i took to get turned but cause the cams or the timing belt was not fitted correctly or may have slipped, the tune as malfunctioning so currently the car is also running at safety boot as well
  10. IB

    IB ?????

    Before you do anything else do an ECU Diagnostic to make sure all your sensors are working correcty. You should get a code 34 since you say you are in safety boost.

    TWIN TERROR Well-Known Member

    As others have said be careful that the belt isn't too far out as the valves can hit the pistons and do major damage. A tooth or 2 out the motor will be down on power but hard to pick if you haven't driven it with it o.k. It is not that hard a job to do a timing belt on a Zed so any professional mechanic that arses it up is well worth dodging. The guys recommended are the ones to go to. When I did my first belt the belt I got did not have the crank pulley mark so I learnt to count the teeth very correctly. There is a page In the manual that explains what teeth number gaps you need and it's very easy to follow.
    Good Luck

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