VIC tein HA z32 specific

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  1. badxtc

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    hi guys up for sale is the tein HA out of my zed these are z32 specific , these had been in my car for a long time they are awesome suspension work great , im only selling them as i upgraded , there is nothing wrong with these they are i think 30 way? damper adjustment, helper spring , and height adjustment .
    ( im not 100% sure on the spring rate )

    im selling these for $ 800

    49126914_220338288875635_388099360899989504_n.jpg 49196619_2286839204973745_195076027309883392_n.jpg 49204997_2344934639072320_980965183172116480_n.jpg 49235729_222627385287747_5978624227270459392_n.jpg 49339667_2221562248132587_8892589349527355392_n.jpg 49792317_378336499635612_7625946027274534912_n.jpg
  2. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    im happy to look at offers.
    Cheers alex
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    Wat are you willibg to take champ
  4. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    pm me , , your in sydney yeah ?
  5. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch


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