Steering issue, full lock to the right is only 1 1/4 rotations.

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  1. Afternoon guys,
    I really need some help.

    I picked up my '90 Twin Turbo 2+2 last year in January. It was purchased with this known issue.

    The steering wheel can rotate 2 and a half rotations to the left, but only 1 and quarter to the right.

    I've taken my Z to 3 shops and no one can resolve its issue.

    I have had the power steering pump freshly rebuilt.
    I have just had the steering rack checked, no issues.
    I have had the inner tie rods changed at the front and the back.
    I have 4 new shocks.
    The power steering control unit has been replaced with a second hand unit.
    I have a set of stock wheels with brand new tyres that were balanced and aligned only 2000km ago.
    I still have HICAS, and it is confirmed functional.
    All bushes are confirmed fine by Pedders, except for some subframe bushes.
    Putting the car on jack stands, you can see both front wheels turn and then lift when you turn full lock to the left. Full lock right shows only small movement.
    I have a confirmed small power steering leak that will be repaired shortly.

    I am at my wits end with this. Can someone please offer some guidance?
    - Shaun
  2. ivan129

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    For you to have unequal travel it would seem that the steering pinion must can't be central on the rack when the wheels are in straight position. So a couple of things to check.. If the rack has been rebuilt verify that the tie rods are of equal length and that the tie rod ends are the same length. Has the bump stop on the short travel end been bent or damaged?

    TWIN TERROR Well-Known Member

    Perhaps when it was set up last the steering wheel pinion was not set in the middle of the rack. Then they adjusted the tie rods to get it aligned but of course you are left with more rack on one side so it goes further one way. Perhaps count the rotations of the steering wheel from left to right then go back to the centre and get out and see where the wheels are pointing.
    Good Luck
  4. MagicMike

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    Agree with above. Check the length of the arms, make them the same, pull the knuckle off, center the rack, put the knuckle back on and get another alignment.

    Confirm equal travel theft to right first obviously. Rinse and repeat til equal.
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    Don't worry about it just do oval racing
  6. East Coast Z

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    "The steering wheel can rotate 2 and a half rotations to the left, but only 1 and quarter to the right."

    2.5 turns left plus 1.25 turns right means 3.75 turns in total.
    Here's something to consider.................
    The steering wheel should only rotate 2.7 turns lock to lock, not 3.75 turns, so you have an additional turn of the steering wheel according to the information you have provided.

    What is the VIN of your Z?
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  7. Hey guys I'm having the same problem where turning right the knuckle hits the bump stop. I replaced my bushings on the rack but for some reason it shifted. So you'll find pulling the rack slightly to the left will fix this but just remember if it moved once check its tight and it shouldn't move again than the problem is fixed. You only have to move it mms to make a big difference so little by little will do it.
  8. Tektrader

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    This is really common and is easy to fix. It happens because over its life time wheel alignment guys take off the steering wheel to set it to the centre after a wheel alignment because they are slack.

    You have to jack up the cars front. Push out the outer tie rod ends from the hubs.

    Put a mark on the rods sticking out of the rack. You can use the inside edge of the tie rod threads if you like.

    The idea is measure from the ends of the rack body and make sure the length of movement is the same in each direction. When you find the centre, jam the steering wheel in place and unwind the outer tie rod ends so the wheels are pointed straight ahead. Lower the car down and pull the steering wheel and put it on straight. Then go get a new wheel alignment and make sure they don't pull the steering wheel off.

    problem solved.
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