SR20 300zx

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by aurnob, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. aurnob

    aurnob aurnob

  2. Jamie

    Jamie Jamie The Hobbit

    Oh wow, interesting.
  3. Chrispy

    Chrispy Pretentious Upstart

    Makes my rotary idea seem sensible :p
  4. Jinxed

    Jinxed Moderator

    i actually think thats not a bad idea............i modified sr20 would give a performance level roughly equal to a stock tt(depending on wahts done, but theres plenty of 200rwkw sr20's out there)

    handling could arguably be improved?

    lot of money to spend though for a not spectacular result...........
  5. kawasakirider

    kawasakirider New Member

    Looks like a clean car if someone wanted to drop a VG into it and sell the SR.
  6. Anti

    Anti 14.7 x 14.7 = 44.1

    God that's cheap! Worth it just to part out

    No torque, lots of lag, would feel like a slug with the heavy weight of a Z32. Weight balance (at least in a 2+2) would be considerably worse (though there would be a reduction)
  7. Big_al_TT92ZX

    Big_al_TT92ZX Tempted to own another Z

    Yeah we've covered this before.
    Although a tweaked up SR20 running a GT28RS or even a GT3071 has plenty of usable torque, surprisingly down low especially with the 28RS, with 220-250RWKW easily achievable. Perhaps even a larger powerband than the VG30. Then again, a boost controller and some bolt on's will net that with a VG30.... Seems like a sidestep.
    At the end of the day, I'd rather an RB or a 2JZ in there.
  8. ryzan

    ryzan Black Mesa? Fat chance...

    Seems stupidly cheap for what it is, what's the catch?
  9. Anti

    Anti 14.7 x 14.7 = 44.1

    Also thinking this... would be fun just to skid around with!
  10. Polish

    Polish New Member

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    Damn, sounded interesting. I could see it being ok for a drift car. Easier to work on and more parts.
  11. Romonski

    Romonski And Justice For All

    sounds pretty gay.
  12. tassuperkart

    tassuperkart Its a lie I tell you!

    I seem to recall in the vicinity of 100Kg or even more weight saving off the front end.
    Do a mod like this to an NA slicktop and you end up with quite a handy and lightweight Zed.
    There wouldnt be a TT in hell that could keep up with it in anything but perhaps a dead straight line.

    If I had an SR, laying around, I would convert my zed in an instant.
    Flamesuit ready!

  13. mungyz

    mungyz Well-Known Member

    Your flamesuit wont save you from the massive browneye I'm going to pull at you and your weak little four cylinder.

    More torque = more fun, four cylinder sports cars are for boys to afraid to go properly fast (sounds like something Jermey would say)
  14. aurnob

    aurnob aurnob

    Ad is backup.

    Catch is not engineered, no rego, stuffed clutch, and who knows what else.
  15. Cam

    Cam ****

    It's been done. What a retarded and unreliable idea! Drifters in Japan have done it for track Zs.
  16. Tektrader

    Tektrader Z32 Hoe, service me baby

    Think I would have just bought a S14.

    In fact if I had my time gain and was going to build a track car there is no way in hell it would be a Z32.

    Would be a cheap S14a with a worked SR20 black top.

    I loved my S14 back in 1995. Still morn it to this day. Great car.
  17. tassuperkart

    tassuperkart Its a lie I tell you!

    yer but you have to like the LOOK of an S14 to begin with. Eeeek!
    No contest. Zed outlooks everytime. Hence why Id convert a Zed.
    The issues of rego is nothing since the car has been changed from 6 to 4 cylinders.
    It would amount to a formality.
  18. aurnob

    aurnob aurnob

    Guy says car doesnt have blueslip though. Blueslip is where the f$$k you over
  19. Zzz

    Zzz SidewayZ

    Long time no post guys,

    I call shotgun for a new project!

    And its not what you think
  20. whoppersandwich

    whoppersandwich Le Canon De Douche

    Lol bored of the 86 already?

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