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    ADAMZX 2000spec Conversion

    Hey guys today i got an infridgement speeding fine from vic police stating i was doing 108 kmph on the ring road. I am positive i wasnt speeding due to multiple things.

    I drive my car using cruise control constantly. Its the safest way to avoid speeding fines and i set my speedo to 100 kmph and drive. This means my speed is limited to 105 kmph as i have never modified the factory cruise control ecu. Which we all know has an inbuilt speed limiter from the factory.

    Second when you exceed your speed over 105 kmph a annoying chime would sound which is again a speed limiting factory setting from nissan. As i dont exceed the speed limit the chime has never sounded and if i had be doing 108 kmph the chime would have been sounding and i would have slowed down immedantly.

    My speedo is accruate as i recently checked my speed using ecutalk and i may have a data logged of the whole trip home during that date of the offense.

    Is there any way any of this information could prove i wasnt speeding with fines victoria?

    I have only every recieved 1 speeding fine in 18 years and that only fine got in 2012 so i dont have a history of speeding with vic police.

    I know its not exactly concrete evidence i just know i wasnt speeding and i want to contest the camera footage whats my chances of success or should i just pay the fine?
  2. MintZ32

    MintZ32 Active Member

    Worst case write to them requesting a warning, you're entitled to one every two years if you have a good driving record. I recently did this myself...

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  3. lidz

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    Maybe another option for you Adam, in Vic you can request a fine is reassessed to an "Official Warning", your speed needs to be no more than 10kph over & you need a clean record for the last two years. You need to cop it on the chin though, don't be stating you weren't speeding & you want it changed. It's not a guarantee but it's worth a shot.
    Google Victoria Police Official Warnings.

    Good luck mate

    Edit: ^ beaten to the punch!
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    ADAMZX 2000spec Conversion

    Thanks for the advice ive writing a letter as you said for a warning hopefully as you said my good driving record will get off with a warning. Still pisses me off. The camera is wrong in my mind and one can only imagine how many people will get fined for speeding when the were doing the speed limit
  5. Martin Williams

    Martin Williams Well-Known Member

    What size wheels have you got, standard 16" or larger?

    ADAMZX 2000spec Conversion

    Factory oem wheels and tyres
  7. Crazypete

    Crazypete New Member

    My wife got done near the Keilor Rd exit -she applied for a warning and as she was less than 10K's over the limit and had a clean driving record she received a warning--well worth a try.
    However I strongly suggest that you get hold of a quality GPS and with the help of a friend check your speed against the GPS at 60--70--80 and 100K's I'm willing to bet that you'll find that your speedo will be out by as much as 10%. When the 300ZX's were built the ADR only required accuracy within plus or minus 10%--this has been changed in the noughties to reflect a more accurate speed. I'm happy to help but I'm located west of Geelong.
    Good luck Pete
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    ADAMZX 2000spec Conversion

    Thanks pete, i can understand that the z32's speed sensor is old and might be out and not 100% accruate but i drove the whole trip home on that day and pasted normous speed cameras along the ring road and only 1 picked me up doing 108 kmph. From memory when driving home from geelong there is a speed checking display over a bridge and ive used that to check my speedo and from memory i got 102 kmph when i was sitting at 100kmph with cruise control on. So i still doubt i could be at almost 110 kmph while in cruise control when i physically cant reach that speed because of the speed limited built into the ascd.

    And lastly i drive about a 1/3 of the ring road everyday to work and past at least 1 safety camera overpass and i havent been booked for speeding in 8 years. Doesnt make any sense to me.

    Anyways ive written a letter and will hope for the best. Ill also adjust my speed setting from now on to cruise under 100kmph to prevent this from possibly happening in the future.
  9. ryzan

    ryzan Black Mesa? Fat chance...

    Dear Vicpol, Please remove my speeding ticket because I believe my 30 year old car is more accurate than your speed cameras. I even tested it myself - you believe me right? Pinkie swear I wasn't speeding, my car has a chime that goes off when you do speed but I've never heard it go off before. But it does work, promise.

    Seriously though, I wouldn't be hedging my bets on ECUtalk or a stock speedo. And then even different brands of tires for the same advertised 'size' will slightly affect speedo accuracy. If you're that concerned probably best to speak with a solicitor rather than try to get advice off a forum.
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  10. ADAMZX

    ADAMZX 2000spec Conversion

    I expected more responses like this to be honest. I'm not accustomed to getting speeding fines and was unaware of any method of challenging the fine in Victoria in the 21st century, so i thought Id ask the question to you more experience guys as to what I should do and maybe what possible evidence or information could be consider that could help me prove innocences to vicfines in some way. Because I know I'm innocent of this offence, I have been driving the same way for 18 years and I'm proud of my good driving record. But you are right no one cares and vicfines wont care that it happened. I have followed the advice and sent a letter and i hope this might make some members think twice about even driving the speed limit and maybe slow down just to prevent them from getting a fine and maybe save some lives and some Z's in the future. Being negative doesn't really help anyone
  11. ryzan

    ryzan Black Mesa? Fat chance...

    Would you trust the advice of someone off the internet over a legal professional?
    That's a genuine question as if you believe there really is an issue (for all we know, the camera could've been out of calibration/setup incorrectly etc.) then maybe there is another process that should be followed instead of simply writing a letter. A traffic law expert may have had other people already approach them who were picked up by the same camera on the same day in similar circumstances which may be precedent for further investigation? What if this ends up helping other people who also got picked up and would've otherwise just paid the fine and moved on?

    Posting about it on the internet is going to do very little to increase your chances and bad advice may actually hurt you in this regard (I'm not saying anybody else has given you bad advice above, just a general observation). Your post comes across as though you need to convince us that you weren't speeding however we're not the ones you need to convince, Victoria Police/Vicroads or whoever handles these matters is. I would call my response realistic, not negative.

    If the state got a dollar for every person who said they believed they were innocent and the camera is wrong, they probably wouldn't need to issue fines ;)
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  12. MintZ32

    MintZ32 Active Member

    You might just have to chalk it down to a life experience. I too have never had a driving offence for 20 years...

    When I applied for mine I wasn't even driving the car, it was actually a friend driving my daily helping me with a favour on the day.

    Why didn't I make him pay for it you ask? Well, the short story is that he's currently doing the police checks and other paperwork for Australian citizenship and didn't have the luxury of applying for a warning as he unfortunately already applied for a warning recently... In his bout of paranoia and trying to do the right thing in Australia for the last 5 years it didnt seem right to potentially let a speeding offence jepeordise 5 years of working towards becoming an Australian so I obliged to taking the hit...

    Besides, he was helping me on the day...

    If your really keen I think you can also challenge the offence somehow... Not fully across the way to do it... Either way Goodluck with the outcome :)
  13. Crazypete

    Crazypete New Member

    Just a heads up on the speed readings at Lara They read slower from left to right and as they say it's advisory only-Likewise the one south of Wodonga is also out of wack. Cheers Pete
  14. ADAMZX

    ADAMZX 2000spec Conversion

    Thank you again everyone for the free advice and suggestions on what i should do regarding this situation im in. I probably should have stated at the start that i just wanted some free advice on how to deal with fines like these and my inexperience with them meant i didnt know what course of action to take besides paying the fine. I just thought there was an option that could allow me to prove i was potentially innocent of a minor offence because from my point of view over the past few years i followed the law to the best of my abilities by setting me speedo to the posted speed limit and as i hadnt received any fines from this style of driving i assumed my speedo was dead accruate.

    I will report back on how i go with fines victoria, as my letter i sent them was more about me saying i couldnt possible of been speeding because of this and that, then me asking for leanacy and so i dont even know if ill get a warning now or not which i do now feel really stupid about but its done now and if they say sorry you gotta pay the fine, ill pay it straight away and move on.

    As stated by mintz32 its all life experience i need to deal with and im kinda embarrased i posted this all on the forums in an angry emotional state of mind which made me blind to the possiblities that i was maybe wrong and maybe i should get my speedo checked. This has happened to me for a reason and ive found out that my speedo is not as accruate as i have once thought it was and now i trying to figure out which way to go about solving this new problem my car has so future fines can be avoided.
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  15. lcram

    lcram O'le Fella

    all good mate I did the same thing and they let me off with a warning, if you don't ask you don't get, there are several free apps available for your smartphone to check speed once you check it just remember how far out it is and compensate...
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  16. Harleynissan

    Harleynissan AussieSpeedingFines

    They rely on you just paying the fine.
    Take it to court and ask when the camera was last calibrated.
    Many thousands of fines have had to been refunded due to the camera being out.
    The fine just means your accused of speeding. Not that you were.
  17. ADAMZX

    ADAMZX 2000spec Conversion


    So i recieved a letter from the victorian police today and they have let me off with an official warning as described by the comments stated above earlier in this thread.

    I want to thank everyone for posting advice and suggestions regard this topic. I feel kinda embarrassed about this whole ordeal and I assumed my innocence on the assumption my speedo was always accruate and based that assumption on 8 years of everyday driving with no speedo fines lodged against myself. Because of this fact I thought this was enough to confirm my car's speedo accuarcy being spot on and enough evidence to prove that I was in the right and not speeding.

    Unfortunately I now know this is completely false and after testing my speedo against a free gps speed tracking app on my phone, I discovered my speedo is out by as much as +7 kmph when crusing @ 100 kmph on my speedo. I now drive on any freeway @ 95 kmph on my speedo which the gps app states I'm doing exactly 100 kmph.

    This is temporary fix which I'm using for now to avoid any future speeding fines, but I want to rectify this issue permeantly in the future by either readjusting and or calibrating either my speed sensor and or speedo itself to read a more accruate speed then what it is now.
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  18. kr4usy

    kr4usy Active Member

    That's great news Adam.

    Out of curiosity, what's the app you used to check your speed?

    Many years ago when I changed to larger wheels, I had my speedo recalibrated (tyre/wheel diametre increased by a couple %). I went to Ringwood Speedometer Service, 693 Whitehorse Rd, Mitcham VIC 3132. I would definitely recommend them.

    Cheers, Krausey
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  19. Crazypete

    Crazypete New Member

    That's the way the system is supposed to work-the easiest way to know your exact speed is to get a GPS speedo with a HUD cost is around $50 and is a cheap investment--the better devices also have speed alert etc.
    Regards Pete
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  20. ADAMZX

    ADAMZX 2000spec Conversion

    Thanks andrew yes ive considered them and ive also used them in the past. The only problem is the speedo is not out by a constant value, let me explain from what ive tested when my speedo is sitting at 100 kmph my speed im actually doing around 106 - 107 kmph. But when im sitting at 80 im doing around 83 - 84 so its not scaling the same. I dont know its the speedo thats the issue or the speedo sensor.

    My speedo is a 2000 model oem white face late model speedo and is about 8 years old now.

    The speedo however is out of a 1996 adm model all part of a transmission swap after blowing up my auto a year ago. I dont know if an adm sensor would make a difference or not vs a jdm sensor but i plan to do some more research and maybe source a jdm speed sensor and check.

    As for the app (android)

    Use one of the best Speedometer & Step Counter app. https://play.google.com/store/apps/...r.odometer.speedtracker.pedometer.stepcounter

    Its simple to and easy to use and has good reviews for accuracy.

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