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Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by Sanouske, Jul 26, 2020.

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    After 13 years of ownership the beloved blue 2 seat hard top Zed was sold. Begrudgingly mind you. It’s new owner literally lives on an island and is super excited to take on the task of keeping the old girl alive.

    Was truly a hard moment holding back a tear as I saw her leave on the back of the tilt truck.
    Many many mannnyy memories and hundreds of hours spent getting her where she was.

    Alas, I have the tedious task of now going through 13 years of accumulated inventory and offer it up for sale.

    Once cataloged however I’ll be uploading it all.

    Off the top of my head the bulky items are TT engine complete, tail lights, unique jap rear spoiler, genuine unpainted urethane stillen TT front lip, AFM.... too much to think about now.

    But if you’re short of something, message and ask I may have it for you.

    Still not sure how I feel about it not being in the drive way though. Was always that car you’d just re register, put some fuel in and turn the key on. it has parts and memories of items collected from members long gone from this forum. I still remember vividly the hours upon months of hours, of work, I put into it repainting and getting it back to its former glory... albeit that was 8 years ago... crazy how long you live with something. It really does embed itself as family...

    Hopefully the new owner will consider her family and continue taking care of it... was talk of a healthy LS1 conversation though... so see what becomes of it all.

    anyways... sad days.

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    On to bigger and better things?
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    Sad to hear but times & circumstances change, at least it's gone to an excited new owner!
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    What condition is the engine? What sort of price would you be asking?

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