QLD Radiator, side mounts, brand new water pump and 2nd nose panels.

Discussion in 'Car Parts for Sale or Wanted' started by Cam, Apr 29, 2014.

  1. Cam

    Cam ****

    I have for sale a few things located in Chambers Flat (Logan area)

    54mm ASI Aluminum Radiator. Minor damage on fan side but no leaks. $100

    2x A/M Aluminum Side Mount Intercoolers. Brand unknown. $100

    Brand new water pump with gasket in box. $60

    Gonzo Fibreglass nose Panels $50

    All items are priced plus postage.


  2. veiner shlapen

    veiner shlapen New Member

    ill take the blue nose panel. How much to 6030 perth??

    QLDZDR ID=David

    Damn you beat me to the blue one
  4. Chrispy

    Chrispy Pretentious Upstart

    Those SMIC's look like the ones I had. Apparently made by UAS using garret cores. Real good gear they are the same.
  5. boo5t

    boo5t Member

    pm sent re coolers
  6. Cam

    Cam ****

    Blue nose panel sold.

    Side mounts sold pending payment.

    They were from Pete's car, so I think it's safe to assume they're not shit. They look good and solid to me.
  7. aussie1_1973

    aussie1_1973 New Member

    I will have the silver nose panel if you can post.
  8. Cam

    Cam ****

    Send me a pm mate, what's your post code?
  9. 90TTZ

    90TTZ Back From The Dead

    Hey Sticky, is the water pump genuine? If so I'll take it.
  10. Cam

    Cam ****

    Pretty sure it's non genuine. I bought a 100k kit from Eric a few years ago and didn't use it all.

    Oh, I even have cam seals if anyone is interested. $20
  11. Cam

    Cam ****

    Still no response from boo5t, so SMICs are still available as well as the water pump and radiator.
  12. Cam

    Cam ****

    Above still for sale. Need gone.
  13. Cam

    Cam ****

    SMICs sold pending payment. Sorry for the late update, don't get on here much anymore.

    Radiator and Water Pump still available.
  14. Cam

    Cam ****

    Coolers gone.
  15. Cam

    Cam ****

    Radiator, water pump and Blue nose panel still available. No longer posting, pick up only.

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