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  1. pmac

    pmac Z,, IT'S COMPLICATED!!!!!

    Ok should I resurrect this thread???? Give me a thumbs up if you want the full story.
    Sold the car in 2016 as I was sick of dealing with all the engine issues.
    Bought it back in 2019 (minus engine and box) with the aim of an LS swap. Well it's all completed now but if anyone is interested I have a lot of info to share on how to do this conversion the right way. Some photos to kick off with Coffee run.jpg Rear end Gtools.jpg
    . Coffee run.jpg

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  2. ivan129

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    Looking good. I would be keen to hear more about your conversion.
    How difficult is it to remove / replace those rear plugs on 7 & 8.
    I kinda wish I had gone LS instead of UZ.
  3. pmac

    pmac Z,, IT'S COMPLICATED!!!!!

    Not difficult at all.
    Really is a great car to drive now, tons of torque right through the rev range. VERY RELIABLE, it is my daily transport.
    The engine is a stock L77 6.0, could not be modified because of the strict 180KW/ton stipulated by MOT here in WA. Dynoed at 340 rwhp for engineering, Final result after tuning 382 rwhp, torque amazingly consistent from 1700rpm to 6000rpm 330 to 380 ftlbs.
    Gearbox is the TR6060 six speed, all parts taken from a 2013 VE Commodore. Crusing speed at 100kph in 5th is 2000rpm, in 6th 1700rpm. Not sure why this is doubling up the photos 20210710_152809.jpg

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    Hey Paul definitely keep sharing - it's what it's here for :)
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