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Discussion in 'Car Parts for Sale or Wanted' started by sevenangrypenguins, Nov 22, 2013.

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  1. dougaz

    dougaz New Member

    Chasing passenger side mirror after mine was kicked of by some idiot, available??
  2. sevenangrypenguins

    sevenangrypenguins Active Member

    UPDATED , sold items removed.

    Stock engine,apparently rebuilt at some stage (no receipts) Good compression all between 145-150psi with long duration cams. Ported heads and heavy duty valve springs. Selling as a BARE engine. Can include stock cam gears/cams but wont be installed on engine. Timing belt kit is there also with low use. You can still read the writing on the belt.

    Complete custom made 3" Exhaust, 5 bolt ams dumps ceramic coated (a bit scratched up), high flow cats, one of the front pipes has a few dents from driving over rocks but doesn't affect performance, 2 resonators in the catback, magnaflow X pipe, twin magnaflow race mufflers also has 2 wideband bungs in front pipes. Perfect for anyone looking to make big power, cost was 2k+.
    $800 pick up only now.

    Volk GT-C 17" wheels, front 8" +35, rear 9" +34.

    Specialty Z high capacity oil pan with trap doors.

    Z1 platinum steel driveshaft only ~1000km's use. No vibrations, uses the stock rear cv type joint,
    hardy spicer yoke. cost was $800 landed in Aus.

    Gizzmo MS-IBC boost controller near new. Solenoid is missing screw in barbs.
    $150 + post

    Brand new Earls thermostatic oil sandwich plate 10AN fittings with right angle aeroflow fittings, I test fitted it with my setup and it would of fit okay.
    $150 + post.

    Earls 25 row oil cooler -10AN fittings + 4 Metres oil braided oil line + 4 aeroflow right angle bends and 2 hose ends.
    $400 (or $500 with the thermatic sandwich plate)

    Oil pickup new, gasket type.

    Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator -6AN fittings, brand new

    Good headlights $50 each.

    Heater box from 97 model zed very good condition works in my 89 model.

    Power steering pump rebuilt by me a while back also has a pirtek replacement hose (the one that normally leaks). Does not leak at all. Pump has had veins removed for HICAS delete and hoses looped.

    Stock TT rods with ARP bolts fitted, closed and honed by machine shop.

    5mm wheel spacers have the longer studs as well.

    also have rear lower control arms with ES bushings installed, no play in the ball joints.


    6 Good working coil packs never had any problems at 20psi.


    Good working CAS

  3. sevenangrypenguins

    sevenangrypenguins Active Member

    Silicone brake booster and clutch hoses


    Good working AUX fan from a 97 model had it working in my 89 TT

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