PARTING OUT A 2+2 j-spec TT (RED)

Discussion in 'Car Parts for Sale or Wanted' started by ryanlok15, Mar 22, 2009.

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  1. directzx

    directzx New Member

    hey mate, dibs on the shell as long as its a complete shell, all body panels.

    i have everything from the engine back, so the hatch dosnt matter.
  2. DUB

    DUB BRAMIS Photography

    Has the TT ECU gone yet? If not I'll take it.
  3. ryanlok15

    ryanlok15 red zedder

    yeah sorry ecu is gone:(

  4. coolum

    coolum Member

    Ryan explained to me that he had a few Family prob's earlier and asked if I wanted my money back .. I said I am happy to wait.

    He has been in touch a couple of times when I have PM'ed questions to him.

    If you have doubts perhaps PM him as a courtesy ... I understand your concern though as I have also been waiting some time.

    I'm sure Ryan is getting it together.?
  5. ketterz

    ketterz New Member

    Hey is the stock exhaust still for sale?
  6. ryanlok15

    ryanlok15 red zedder

    yep stock exhaust is till for sale but you will have to organise me for any details

  7. OzJustin

    OzJustin Member

    Hi Ryan

    Think you missed a PM of mine last week re the gearbox/exhaust area heat shield.
    Would you mind posting a quick pic so I can see condition? If it looks ok then I'll deposit the cash. PM me your bank details then. :)
  8. Paul

    Paul New Member

    Has the Auto been used since it was rebuilt ? And who rebuilt it ? Is it standard or with shift kit ?
  9. Vader

    Vader Just another guy

    Ryan, I have to pull out of the targa's for now. Sorry. Maybe someone will buy my laptop and I can change my mind.
  10. ryanlok15

    ryanlok15 red zedder


    ey guys just an update....the shell is sold,gearbox,engine....whats left is items from my $100 sale, targas, if there is anything anyone wanted pm me

  11. ryanlok15

    ryanlok15 red zedder




    mods please lock
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