PARTING OUT A 2+2 j-spec TT (RED)

Discussion in 'Car Parts for Sale or Wanted' started by ryanlok15, Mar 22, 2009.

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  1. ryanlok15

    ryanlok15 red zedder

    car parts price ($)

    TT complete caliper set $200
    rebuilt steering rack $250
    reo bar $100
    stock suspension $100
    ohlins (fronts adjustable) KYB (rears adjustable) with tein springs $500
    bonnet $80
    j-spec rear number plate surround $65
    nose panel (same as charizmers very thick fibreglass vented to radiator) $80
    stock TT front bar (cracks) $50
    Greddy front bar $320
    j-spec mudflaps $120
    rear bar $100
    front gaurds $220
    drivers side door (minus glass, electrics,etc) $100
    passenger side door (minus glass, electrics,etc) $80
    targa top $150
    targa shades $50
    all windows (tinted, excluding windscreen and hatch $350
    hatch with glass $200
    fuel lid $30
    electric mirrors $150
    headlights $150
    taillights $150
    indicators $30
    windscreen wipers $30
    gas hatch struts $40
    ariel with motor $80
    rear wiper motor $30
    front wiper motor $30
    key set- with all barrels $120
    drivers side wishbones with front hubs (each) $60
    tension rods with bushes (each) $50
    front lower arms (each) $30
    rear lower arms (each) $30
    rear hubs complete (each) $60
    drivers side cowl $30
    space saver never used $60

    TT auto ecu $100
    drivers side pillar $60
    passenger side pillar $60
    drivers side electric seat (leather, wear marks) $150
    passenger side seat (leather, excellent condition) $150
    rear seats (leather, excellent condition) $150
    all leather seats $400
    front pair seatbelts $60
    rear pair seta belts $60
    all seatbelts $100
    HKS boost gauge $30
    targa shades $60
    instrument cluster $100
    cluster surrounds $80
    ac/light pods $40
    light controls $60
    ac controls $60
    indicator stalks $20
    steering column $50
    clock $20
    rear view mirror $20
    stereo surround with clips $80
    gear shift surround $60
    stock steering wheel $30
    ash tray $10
    glove box complete $80
    cloth interior (exluding glove box and console lid) $70
    kick panels (both) $40
    centre console lid $50
    dirvers window switch $60
    windown control box $20
    power windows (motor+rotors) $80
    sun visors $40
    interior twin map light $20
    interior centre light $30
    boot trim panels (each) $30
    hatch trim set $80
    rear seat trim $80
    dash vents $40

    James007 MOFO frount mount intercool (like new) $400
    auto TT transmission (rebuilt a few months ago with reciepts with warranty, paid $1,700 for it) $1,500
    tailshaft $80
    tt diff $150
    stock exhaust $100
    coil packs (each) $10
    radiator $60
    radiator shroud $100
    radiator overfill bottle $50
    aircon condenser $100
    AFM $120
    brake booster $50
    Brake Master Cylinder $70
    fuse/relay box $50
    hicas $50
    power steering reservior $60
    power steering pump $100
    washer bottle $30
    heater core $80
    fuel tank $100
    EE-ENHANCED Electronic Boost Controller, missile switch $90

    pms please will help me organise and co-ordinate with people



    PS: if there is anything else let me know
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  2. fuzz300

    fuzz300 Member

    I'll take your drivers side electric mirror for $75 Posted. Please pm me your direct deposit details

  3. ryanlok15

    ryanlok15 red zedder

    ey i prefer to sell them as a pair but if no1 else wants the other one it will be $75+post which wont be much like $10-$15


  4. Kabir

    Kabir Well-Known Member

    I will take the HKS boost gauge $30. Please post up some pics and model.
  5. ryanlok15

    ryanlok15 red zedder

    calipers sold
    drivers side electric mirror sold/pending payment
  6. kade_744

    kade_744 has largest member

    how good condition is the steering wheel? If its in good condition i will take it. Pics? Thanks
  7. awgazm

    awgazm Active Member

    arial- aslong as it goes up and down completely
  8. ryanlok15

    ryanlok15 red zedder

    steering wheel is in good condition, no cracks only a lil faded from usual wear and doesnt have the z symbol anymore...but none the less still good condition imo

    ill try get some pics up tonight
  9. ryanlok15

    ryanlok15 red zedder

    it works perfectly:D

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  10. antwanman

    antwanman New Member

    do you have the guard indicators?
  11. ryanlok15

    ryanlok15 red zedder

    yeah $30 if you want them

  12. HoeMan

    HoeMan New Member

    Please check your mail Ryan.
  13. Chad_

    Chad_ Well-Known Member

    as previously discussed ryan the clock + stereo surround + stereo mounting bracket is mine.
  14. ryanlok15

    ryanlok15 red zedder

    sorry havent received anything yet?
  15. WA300Z

    WA300Z ZD32WA

    I hate you. ;)
  16. Hyper101

    Hyper101 Well-Known Member

    Dibs on

    Hatch with Glass and Spoiler
  17. LOWZX

    LOWZX Banned

    aircon condenser,ill p/m you
  18. DrewZ

    DrewZ member

    I will take this
    nose panel (same as charizmers very thick fibreglass vented to radiator) $80

    pm me your account detail etc
  19. ryanlok15

    ryanlok15 red zedder

    pm sent

  20. ryanlok15

    ryanlok15 red zedder

    can you guys make sure that you put a note down in the transaction so i know who is paying me what...cheers

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