Oil sumps cracked in need of repair

Discussion in 'Technical' started by 93 Nissan 300zx owner, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. Hey guys my oil sump has been cracked by previous owner and they spot welded it and put a bolt in to stop further cracking,
    my mechanic said to clean it up than use devcon epoxy putty to fill it than retap a new hole and place new bolt and seal instead of buying a new one or welding it again.
    Should I just fill it in and sand smooth than paint and forget the bolt, as I have the sump plug, and the bolt at the rear of the sump is no use once filled?
  2. Chrispy

    Chrispy Pretentious Upstart

    Just put a new sump on it, not worth the headache.

    And don't tag me in shit, I'll see it...
  3. East Coast Z

    East Coast Z Well-Known Member

    Follow Chrispy's suggestion & fix it properly.

    QLDZDR ID=David

    I think you should get someone to replace it, for you.

    How about posting a pic.
  5. scottyoz1962

    scottyoz1962 Active Member

    Agrees with Chrispy, just get a new one or a damn good second hand one, plenty of them around.

    And TAG CHRISPY to the shithouse, he really does love it :-D
  6. stumagoo

    stumagoo Active Member

    with the amount of wrecks and part outs I cant believe finding another sump would be an issue, if you were over here I could give you one. (I have a defunct TT engine that is not rebuildable)
  7. Mickr33

    Mickr33 New Member

    yeah if the oil pan is easy to pop off and doesnt have a crossmember or something in the way so you carnt just easily remove it like my r33 then yeah i would just find a secondhand one and change it over, but if the whole otor needs to come out then yeah i would get the crack ground out and welded. But yes if its easy change it mate cos then you never have to worry about it again
  8. IMG_1553.JPG I was hoping not to pull the whole motor out but looks like I might just do it and get it out the way. Thx guys and here's a pic of the sump where someone else tried to boggy up.
  9. Chrispy

    Chrispy Pretentious Upstart

    Don't have to pull the motor. Support it from above, remove crossmember and steering rack and change away.

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