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Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by Cam, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. Cam

    Cam ****

    Thinking of a new colour scheme for the drift pig. I plan on painting it white just so it stands out a bit. But I was thinking of throwing in some blue too. What do you reckon?

    Here's a quick mock up. :p

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  2. Kieren

    Kieren Active Member

    Uber-faggy lol.
  3. Cam

    Cam ****

    Like that puppy in your avatar? :p
    Imagine during a battle with the lights crankin, how cooooool! :D
  4. Kieren

    Kieren Active Member

    It's mainly the face with the pedo smile and 'Dorifter' that put me off... Without those it might be OK-ish.
  5. Cam

    Cam ****

    It's EPIC smile. You're thinking of PedoBear!

    I did have this idea originally, but I'm a bit sketchy on the legalities of this. Obviously I won't be using the exact QLD wreath thingy.

  6. a2zed

    a2zed Guest

    Don't know about the colour scheme for legality, but the zed looks good in po po mock up:cool:
  7. Cam

    Cam ****

    How it should've been. :p
  8. rollin

    rollin First 9

    i think its cool, would be great on a track car, but not legal for the streets
  9. ezzupturbo

    ezzupturbo JDMAutomotive

    nice but call it DRIFT PIG ;)
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  10. ztoy

    ztoy Autospark Evolution

    Have you nothing better to do with you time than come up with "funny" paint schemes and dull zed ideas whore them all over the forum and facebook.:p
    Find a hobby outside of your car man:rofl:
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  11. ztoy

    ztoy Autospark Evolution

    I hear watching porn and masturbating is back in with the cool kids. Or have you gotten over it already.:rofl:
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  12. Cam

    Cam ****

    That's a bit exadurated.
    I'm looking for opinions.
    The car is my hobby, driving it is my hobby and since it is no longer registered, I can do what I want!

    While it's not running, I'm going modify it how I want. Then I'm going to drive it on to my shiny new car trailer, tow it to a track and flog it. :)

    It's all for fun.
    When did you forget that and become an arse hole? :rolleyes:
  13. ztoy

    ztoy Autospark Evolution

    Yes, i agree and photos and updates of modifications ,like the awesome job your doing on your bonnet are worthy. Do you really think this is worth the time.

    But posts like this are ridiculous and are a waste of everyones time. Having more posts, and starting more threads does not make you more popular or give you more credibility.

    If this is meant to be humorous it is very lame. And if you are actually serious, which I doubt you are, see below.

    If your after an opinion. The cop design is daft. Every other drifter will laugh at it and you will be disrespected for it. Plus I think the police would have something to say about it. Even though its not on the public roads, having a car in a "cop" theme drifting, getting public attention will not be an image they will want to have associated with them. I know you cannot impersonate a cop, I am unsure if there is a law against impersonation a cop car, but im sure they will find a rule to stop you. They are buggers like that.
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  14. Cam

    Cam ****

    For a start, I wasn't going to say anything about the bonnet on here until I finished it, so I can do one big write up with pics.
    But thank you for your support on that one when it does get posted. :)
    I would've liked your help on this, as you know what you're doing. :eek:

    Yes, I was about 2/3 serious about making it a cop car and talking to someone in that department about it first. They used to, and probably still do, campaign cop drag/burnout out cars and such to get the message out about keeping it off the streets. I think it's a good idea to get them in on it, show people that they're not all against us and would support the idea of getting people in a controlled environment.
    Plus the whole cop chase thing would be so cool. :D

    Alot of people don't agree that the Z should be mixing it with the Skyline and Silvia boys, but it does. So why can't I be a Drift "Pig" just for fun? Why can't I step out of my normal every day life and try something different? Regardless of how stupid it may seem to some.

    Who give's a shit about popularity? I know where I sit on that chain along with my credibility! :rolleyes: :rofl:
    When was the last time I posted a thread about an idea for the car?
    I've made 2 seperate threads this morning, This one, and one to promote Z drifting on Facebook. Apart from those 2, how long has it been, not including for sale or wanted either?

    I appreciate your opinion and it has been noted. It's stupid, fair enough, be nicer about it.
    Shit like your first 2 posts ruins my day. Anyone else who wasn't a mate and it'd be water off a duck's back.
  15. airstyle

    airstyle Z Anarchist

    Good idea lol, but I don't see any way in hell you could get away with it. The moment you step off the track you become a cop car, epic smiley / unregistered or not lol.

    For a 1 off dori competition appearance with temporary vinyls that would be insanely cool :D:D:D
  16. Cam

    Cam ****

    I'm just run blue squares in a cool pattern across the car and not have police written anywhere on the car. She'll be right.
  17. ztoy

    ztoy Autospark Evolution

    True but these were run by actual police officers with a lot of begging to their superiors. Plus you will also note that these cars were commodores and falcons that were actual police cars not a 300zx which was only a police car in a fictional japanese series.

    Dude I have no issues with this at all and I dont think i brought it up. I am in full support of zeds drifting. You are doing something unique and fighting the paradigm that zeds cannot drift. I am fighting the same battle and look forward to coming out for my next slide to stick it to everyone else.

    Are you completely blind to yourself. I cannot open facebook without been flooded by useless posts about you and your car. Im seriously consider blocking you so I dont bust my download limit looking at what you think is important. I would have kept quiet if you kept it to FB but now that its filtering to the forum I had to speak up. .

    Quack, Quack.:rofl:
  18. sandeep

    sandeep Active Member

    if you actually called up a few police stations and got the police to back you then I think it might be a good idea, promoting proper off street drifting as opposed to doing it in the mountains or on the streets. there are 3 cop cars in victoria (monaro, xr6t ute and something else) that are part of "operation drag right" that run at calder park to promote legal racing.
    also i think last year a they had a copy of the transformers ford mustang cop car at targa tasmania. they were forced to change the writing on the side from "POLICE" to "POLITE" since they weren't allowed to impersonate a police car :bash:
  19. Felix

    Felix Custom User

    Just do it in the Japanese police car style...won't be any problems here, plus it's half black, saves you some paint. Then just put "drift police" or whatever on the side in japanese
  20. Cam

    Cam ****

    How do you know how hard they begged? If they were going to go into drift, they'd want a car that would be good for it and a driver that can do it. :cool:


    I was talking about forum threads but nope, can't see much other than one on my Book face wall about it either. There are a few photo updates on the Bonnet? :confused:
    Not every is on my Facebook so I post up something about it here since I'm not getting much of a response on facebook. You're just one of the lucky ones who gets to see it twice. ;)

    Woof. :rolleyes:

    Already looked at that idea...GAY! I might as well buy a Trueno and go Initional D.

    Car needs a total respray anyway.

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