Z32 NA-TT Swap

Discussion in 'Technical' started by joseph, Jun 18, 2019.

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    hey guys,I’m planing on TT engine swapping my car as my NA engine spun a bearing,I was wondering if anyone knew what parts I need to complete a TT I don’t plan on keeping aircon and I’ve already got an aftermarket fuel pump i have a list here I just don’t know if I’m missing any more parts so far these are the parts I need
    TT Engine

    NA to TT transmission 3mm spacer

    TT Radiator

    TT engine ecu

    TT auto tcu

    TT Down Pipes

    Boost Gauges

    Intercooler Piping

    Intercooler FMIC/SMIC
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    Stock swap? In which case assume you plan to drop a complete TT engine straight in, that's all you need. You can reuse the NA loom, the only extras on TT loom is stock boost solenoids and boost sensor. However assuming the original loom it's probably crusty as hell, might want to budget in a new EFI loom.

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