QLD MYZ32 For Sale - Twin Turbo (2+2)

Discussion in 'Whole Cars for Sale or Wanted' started by frysie, Feb 14, 2014.

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  1. frysie

    frysie FRYTECH

    Due to heaps of medical bills, its time for me to sell my beauty :(

    Year: 1989
    Body (2+0/2+2): 2+2
    Colour: AH3 Red Wine
    Engine (Turbo/NA): Turbo
    Transmission (MT/AT): MT
    Interior (Cloth/Leather): Velour
    Odometer: 111,XXX
    Price: $13,000
    Contact Details: 0426822308

    Factory 2+2 TT Manual in AH3 red wine
    Previous owner purchased freshly imported in 2000 with 42,000km on ODO
    Huge list of receipts from previous owners and myself.
    18x8 & 18x9 Aldtstar rims with 235/40/18 & 275/35/18 tyres
    Pod Filter
    Custom 2.5? Magnaflow dual exhaust
    Velour Interior
    Dual electric seats
    Seatbelts fitted to suit S2 car setup.
    Altia ? windows (new EL-Panels)
    200km service carried out at 108k (complete package from CZP)
    100km service carried out at 82k including:
    New OEM timing belt, new high quality bearings in rollers ($60 each), New S2 PTU relocated under nose panel, new 2 pin plugs (14 in total) fitted to loom for injectors etc.
    Idle control solenoid/valve units disassembled and cleaned.
    Injectors removed, cleaned and flow tested. Refitted with new pintle caps and seals.
    New NGK Platinum plugs.
    PCV valves cleaned and hoses replaced with new OEM.
    New fuel filter and all fuel lines replaced.
    Most vacuum lines replaced.
    All rubber engine seals (including valve stem seals) and most gaskets (all but head and exhaust manifold) replaced with new OEM.
    UAS custom all alloy radiator and lower pipe, new heater core, 1.3bar Greddy radiator cap, remainder of cooling system replaced with new OEM (water pump, hoses and hard pipes).
    Under plenum bypass done and turbo cooling hoses replaced with high quality silicone.
    Custom low coolant level indicator
    Apexi AVCR boost controller
    CPU socketed and Custom chip installed (rev limit and speed cut)
    300k/h speedo
    BIG aftermarket side mount intercoolers
    Factory cruise control retrofitted
    Alpine head unit/sub/amps/Focal splits
    Remote security system
    2K spec tails
    Raybrig headlight globes
    Nismo Clear side indicators
    Cleared front indicators
    New exterior trim including cowl panels, hood hinge covers, T hook, window trim, roof trim.
    Many other minor mods
    Very tidy unit with no fluid leaks

    Includes MYZ32 QLD numberplates, original rims, original tail lights (including original indiglo centre panel).

    I have owned this car since April 2012.
    It has always been garaged and meticulously maintained.
    Never been in an accident.
    Always run on BP Ultimate and high quality full synthetic oil.
    I have put 9000km on it in the last 2 years.
    It runs like a dream and has been my pride and joy.
    It is in excellent overall condition.

  2. frysie

    frysie FRYTECH

    An excerpt from a well known mechanic on these forums (when i went to purchase it)

    "Vehicle inspection is complete. Car is in very good condition. It would be the best Z32 I have driven. Comp test all ok, 148-155psi. All underside, brakes steering and suspension in very good condition. Interior has some very minor wear on the seat and steering wheel (old tweed interior), but is in very good condition for it's age.

    Vehicle drives exceptionally well. Km's are genuine and have not been wound off which is usual for an import vehicle. Would recommend buying without doubt."
  3. frysie

    frysie FRYTECH

    12k for forum members

    insured for 14.5k
  4. frysie

    frysie FRYTECH

    Willing to swap for a cheap daily and cash OR for a car of similar value
  5. frysie

    frysie FRYTECH

    altia 1/4 windows being sold seperately. Throw me an offer; worst thing I can say is no.
  6. frysie

    frysie FRYTECH

  7. frysie

    frysie FRYTECH

    11.5k with plates

    10k without, need it gone ... my med bills are stacking
  8. Cam

    Cam ****

    How high are your bills? :cool:
  9. frysie

    frysie FRYTECH

    Put it this way it wont cover all
  10. Cam

    Cam ****

    Low ball opportunity fail. =(
  11. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

    Mate have you got it on carsales etc? Good cars don't seem to garner much interest here...
  12. frysie

    frysie FRYTECH

  13. kawasakirider

    kawasakirider New Member

    Took this for a spin tonight, very clean and runs well.
  14. frysie

    frysie FRYTECH

    Willing to sell below 10k as is. ALL OFFERS WILL BE CONSIDERED SO DONT BE AFRAID TO PM ME
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