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Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by Hidds, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. Hidds

    Hidds THAT annoying guy....

    hey guys

    ive bought some mesh for my 2k bar

    cut it all to size... then realised... how the eff do i mount it, i had some holes in the upper part of the openeing so i COULD cabletie it up there, but i dont really like the look , i want it more... flush

    i know there are glues and such out there, but not sure of what to use, and i would be working in my driveway so it will be a liedown job lol

    black mesh/ black front bar.... sexy :D

    thanks for any and all help in advanced
  2. WhiteNight

    WhiteNight Littering and...

    You could lay a resin down over the outside of the mesh. Let it set, would become part of the bar then.
  3. Chad_

    Chad_ Well-Known Member

    take the bar off first. put something like liquid nails should be ok around the openings, and then put the mesh on and bend into place around the edges etc and let it set should be sweet :cool:
  4. Hidds

    Hidds THAT annoying guy....

    i am loving the resin idea... but im not to good at removing front bumpers... or putting them back on, especially aligning it properly

    any tips?
  5. Chad_

    Chad_ Well-Known Member

    check out the tech section its in there, gives u a guide on how to take it out and reinstal :cool:
  6. Hidds

    Hidds THAT annoying guy....

    top stuff mate, thanks

    will do this once i get home... god work is shite !

    pics will follow (if i remember)
  7. Romonski

    Romonski And Justice For All

    if not just use sickaflex like i did and keep some eucalyptus oil handy as that is the only stuff that gets it off lol
  8. ichizora

    ichizora Loud

    yes, or use a glove :rolleyes::D
  9. Romonski

    Romonski And Justice For All

    nah no gloves needed ;)
  10. mafi-zed

    mafi-zed the resident hoon

  11. Hidds

    Hidds THAT annoying guy....

    thanks guys, giving it a crack today.. thats if i can find my self a nice area to do it.. and ill be rock/leaf/small children, free from my engine bay

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