For Sale JDM blitz BOV kit vintage z32 vg30dett - melbourne

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    Item Name: Blitz bov kit, whip crack sound

    Item Price: $1000
    last time I saw some for sale yahoo $1000 plus post or USA ebay $665 usd recently. for sale here first before I list on ebay and ship world wide

    Item Condition: Used, has some rubs marks on BOV's some paint chips on piping, last time I fitted these I replaced the old hard rubber hoses with black silicone which made fitment much easier, I also disassembled cleaned and re-greased and noted no leaks, recently polished the bov's, the vacuum lines are threaded and where tapped into the balls on my balance pipe never seen it done like that before, either JDM genius or dumb but worked very efficiently.

    Item Description: Bolt on kit, came on car from japan replaces pipes from turbos to radiator support

    Item Location: Melbourne

    Will Freight Y/N: Yes

    Cost of Freight: will need address, prefer pick up IMG_20220730_161130.jpg IMG_20220730_161243.jpg IMG_20220730_161303.jpg IMG_20220730_161750.jpg IMG_20220730_161808.jpg

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    no longer for sale, please delete.

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