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Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by Hidds, Apr 21, 2011.

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    a few of my mates were discussing a in car UHF radio for when we go on big trips, now its gonna be easy for them, cause they have falcadoors

    but where would i mount the antenna for the radio? am i able to place it where my stock antenna is? (no longer works)

    any other Zedders out there who has one of these rigged in their car?

  2. Archon

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    Quick search found This and This. A few mounting ideas in the threads. I had one of these and it was fantastic, Awesome if your in a long convoy.
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    UHF CB - Glass Mount Antenna

    Yep, you could also use this "on-glass" mounted UHF CB antenna:

    I have been using the RFI Industries glass mount kit (I also have the 3db larger extension) for almost 10 years and it is great! It has now been mounted on two different vehicles - now on the family car. The best thing with this concept is there are no holes drilled, you get to easily choose which length (hence gain) antenna you wish, the end SWR is tuneable and the whole unit is removable and re-useable.

    Now, everyone is going to ask me - "Yeah, but how much loss of signal do you get by 'firing' the signal through the glass?". In all the years of testing on the road and around cities I'm quite impressed. I've found much better signal reception than any hand-held antenna (as of course its mounted outside the vehicle) in the city with many buildings and difficult terrain you can get between 1km and maybe 4km. On the open road you could get maybe upto 8km to 10km using only the unity gain smaller antenna.

    NOTE: As the signal is indeed fired through the glass you also need to ensure NO window tint (especially if it is the more expensive metallic tint) is between the antenna and inside tuner/matcher box. Hence why I mounted my kit on the upper section of the front windscreen above the passenger side.

    Hope this helps you out.

    Oh, yeah and if you are in the market for an new UHF CB - do not forget to get an 80 channel compatible unit as the whole CB band is set to change here in the near future. Each channel will occupy much less space than previously, Read:

    • Previous channel spacing was 25kHz
    • New spacing for each channel will be 12kHz

    So, if you have an older rig it may not be able to be modified...

    Let us know how you go.


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    Its all been done beforeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

    Windscreen antenna


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