Have to sell my baby!

Discussion in 'Car Parts for Sale or Wanted' started by DJ984, Jul 26, 2004.

  1. DJ984

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    FOR SALE: BNR 32 (R32 GTR)
    1989 Model,
    Approx 85K K's
    5 Speed Manual Mods include:
    * 3" Trust Exhaust from the turbos back.
    * Greddy Strut Brace
    * 17" VOLK GTP RIMS
    * HKS POD Filters
    * HKS Turbo Timer + ΒΌ Mile Timer etc.
    * Aftermarket FMIC
    * Kenwood Head Unit + 10 CD Stacker The car is Gun-metal grey in Colour and is in BEAUTIFUL condition throughout.... I've just had the car serviced by ADVAN using Motul Oil etc. I have to sell the car 1. To get rid of some debt and 2. Because I will have to go into Hospital for surgery soon and will not be able to drive for up to 3 months following...(as you can see it's a waste having a GTR sitting there for 3 months!) At the moment the car only gets driven on weekends and most of it'd driving is done on the freeway between Hornsby and Newcastle. The Car is registered till March 2005 so there's plenty of Rego there. I am asking for offers around the $31,500.00 mark but, obviously, the price is negotiable (serious offers only)....
    Also, as a side not, I don't take kindly to tyre kickers or joy-riders (I'm sure you understand...) If there's anything you'd like to know, that I didn't post up, please feel free to email me at: david.johnson@au.unisys.com Cheers.
    Dave. [image]http://users.tpg.com.au/jonnoz/DSCF0073.JPG[/image]
  2. DJ984

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    price is at the $30K mark but i will consider a trade and cash adjustment for something cheaper...(that i won't mind leaving sit for a couple of months)...email me at david.johnson@au.unisys.com with any offers.Cheers
  3. Wisc

    Wisc New Member

    nice car... but

    didnt anyone tell him this is a 300zx site?
  4. chris1amp740

    chris1amp740 Guest

    true that

    get a Z
  5. DJ984

    DJ984 Guest


    LOL @ Both of you.... trade me a zed with cash adjustment and i will :p
  6. JETzx


    Nice!!!!! (n/m)

  7. FreeFlow

    FreeFlow New Member

    nice but

    u can now import gtrs like that mith even more mods for arround 20 g but yes very nice car i think i'd love to own a gtr but there not as sassy as the 3 zero zero
  8. DJ984

    DJ984 Guest


    Yes, you can get a $20K GTR with more mods that this but you get what you pay for.... ;)Also, this car is engineered and registered till march next year...Car needs to be sold now guys, make me an offer and as i said, i will consider trades with cash adjustment (then i might be able to have one of these sassy 3 zero zero's) :D

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