Happ30 - 2 post floor plate 4T hoist - now just $2000 flat

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    Sorry we don't get on here very often anymore, we have been focused on building up and then just trying to keep up with our business, HAPP :) I have decided to get on here tonight though as we have a lot of friends on here still, and are always happy to support anyone with a Zed. (And I bet most of you need to do some work on your cars before Zedfest this year :)) We have THIRTY happ30 hoists that I am prepared to sell for a flat $2000 with no warehouse fee (normally $2310). These are GST inclusive and ready to go. $2000 is all you will pay if picking up or only $2000 plus freight if we are sending it out for you. You will probably never see this offer again, so if you have been holding off and waiting, now is the time to contact us and take advantage of this offer.

    Load Capacity – 4000kgs
    Lifting Height – 1800mm
    Overall Height – 2834mm
    Overall Width – 3410mm
    Drive through – 2570mm
    Width between pillars – 2830mm
    Rise/Drop time – 50s rise / 20s drop time
    Net weight – 600kg
    CE approved Hydraulic Power Pack
    Motor Capacity – 240V, Single phase or 3 Phase 415V (3 phase motor is an additional $150)
    Power of motor – 2.2kw
    Fast Dual-cylinder lifting system
    Chain-driven system
    Cable and hydraulic load balancing
    Automatic safety locks
    Cable-equalization system
    Min pad height 107mm
    Plastic powder coat finish

    Why buy from HAPP??
    * We are an Australian owned and operated company with a focus on the best possible quality for reasonable prices.

    * We sell mainly by recommendation, to do this we have personal and professional customer service, we work with every customer to make sure they are happy with the products they purchase.

    * Imported products are typically assembled overseas to keep the costs down. We have a Qualified Mechanical engineer working for us in China and other engineering inspection companies engaged that inspect our products and partner companies quality processes. Inspections typically take place early in production including internal components which are reworked if not up to standard. Critical components are focused on to ensure key products are made correctly.

    * We also use the best possible materials in our products, our clear floor hoists have stainless steel hydraulic lines and our four post hoists have 12 mm solid steel cables tested in Australian NATA registered laboratories.

    * We apply best designs from our business registered hoists into our home use hoists. For example. all arms on two post hoists have the 4T updates and carriages have the bracing update specified by Australian Engineers for our business hoists.

    * We offer an ever increasing range of workshop items allowing customers to source extra items at low cost many of these items are half the cost of other suppliers - just ask us to email you our catalogue.

    * This hoist is erected in Ormeau (Gold Coast) for you to view before placing an order, if you want.

    If you have any questions at all re banking, freight, or technical questions, please contact Maree on 0439833497, maree@happ.com.au or Gavan on 0439838477, gavan@happ.com.au

    Check our customer reviews http://happ.com.au/blog/

    View our full range of hoists at www.happ.com.au
    Follow us on facebook:https://www.facebook.com/HappAutoHoists

    Our latest catalogue here to see all our products. We have over 180 products in our range now - http://happ.com.au/…/20…/10/HAPP_catalogue_Oct_2017_5lr1.pdf

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