For sale - Wrecking accident damaged zed, most parts available

Discussion in 'Car Parts for Sale or Wanted' started by Ascension, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. GASIT

    GASIT New Member

    Door parts

    Hi mate im chasing the yellow piece on the back of the drivers side door lock if its still avauilbe and how much
    thank you
    pm please
  2. Panther

    Panther New Member

    Tension Rod Bracket

    I'm after a passenger side tension rod bracket.
    Can you help me find one.
  3. Ascension

    Ascension Active Member


    I've got some of the front suspension left but im not sure what it is your after.

    I'd say i've got the front tension rods themselves but can you give me some more information?


  4. Panther

    Panther New Member


    Hi Ben

    Im after bracket that tension bar connect to. Thank u
  5. russia14

    russia14 New Member

    shocks and springs

    i was just wondering if you have the shocks and springs.

    Email me if u do please:D
  6. Ascension

    Ascension Active Member

    Sorry no.


  7. Panther

    Panther New Member


    I'm after the bracket the tension rod connects to. This is where the bolt goes through the tension rod bush.
  8. Ascension

    Ascension Active Member

    Ahh the bit that's bolted to the bottom of the car.
    If so then sorry I believe that they went when I got rid of the shell.

    Sorry mate

  9. giddyup

    giddyup New Member

    t-top interior paneal

    Hi, do you have the interior panel (not the shade)for the drivers side T-top, and if so, how much, plus shipping too Buderim, postcode 4556?
  10. MagicMike

    MagicMike Moderator Staff Member

    What have you got left mate? :)
  11. Panther

    Panther New Member

    Okay, thanks anyway.

  12. Chaser X

    Chaser X New Member

    Glovebox, Dash Pod, Hatch trim

    Glove box, dash pod, hatch trim
    Im after the glove box


    Hatch interrior trim - Top Peace (missing in photo)

    Pictures missing, will send on reply.



    right dash pod, good condition

    What condition is the boot mat in?
    Send a pic.
  13. Ascension

    Ascension Active Member

    Sorry mate I can't help you.


  14. Ascension

    Ascension Active Member

    Sorry I don't have any of that left


  15. Ascension

    Ascension Active Member

    This might be easier ;) Everything I've still got, off the top of my head anyway.

    Lower part of fan shroud
    Climate control pod controls. Controls only no pod
    Under dash Air con unit
    Under dash heater unit with core
    Under dash fan unit
    Air box/pod splash guard panel thingy
    Various control arms front and rear
    TT diff complete with cradle
    Rear axels and hubs (no discs)
    Steering rack, one end rod is bent though
    Nearly all boot plastics, just not the 2 that cover the rear strut towers
    Little Climate control fan/sensor in the roof
    Indicator stalk
    Passenger side timing cover
    Hard fuel lines from down under battery to fuel filter (suit chroming I guess)
    Also hard fuel lines from plenum
    glove box frame work
    Small engine bay fuse box from drivers side
    Wiper motor
    Rear speaker frames
    Rear speaker covers
    Hand brake assembly
    Accelermatrix pedal assembly
    Passenger side foam tool tray from boot
    Plastic instrument cluster surround
    Charcoal color fuel flap
    Front sway bar
    2+2 fuel tank - no pump

    Yes I know there is no prices but I don't have time to add them right now. Most of this stuff i'll let go for next to nothing anyway. Just say the bit your interested in and i'll get back to you :)


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