For sale - Wrecking accident damaged zed, most parts available

Discussion in 'Car Parts for Sale or Wanted' started by Ascension, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. Bellato

    Bellato OzzyZed

    PM sent

    RE: targa aero flaps
  2. gm300zx

    gm300zx Member

    PM re glove box & frame

    pm sent
  3. ACTZX

    ACTZX New Member

    Do you still have the rear brake lights and centre panel?

    Or have they gone

    Thanks Ben

  4. Ascension

    Ascension Active Member

    PM sent

  5. AK300ZX-TT

    AK300ZX-TT Won 5 Autosalon Awards 08


    hey mate is the cluster still available if yes ill have it
  6. MixalZ

    MixalZ New Member

    pm sent mate
  7. TAZ

    TAZ The Luv Z

    are parts still available

    Hi Ben,

    Just wondering if you still have parts available, such as rear door (hatch) trim and the cowl top grill (grill between bottom of windscreen and back of bonnet).



  8. Ascension

    Ascension Active Member


    This is a pretty old thread now but I do still have some parts, but as you would expect the popular stuff has long gone.

    I do have the drivers side cowl in good condition here.
    Say $20 + postage.

    Let me know :)
  9. TAZ

    TAZ The Luv Z

    Driver's side cowl

    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for the response. When you say it's in good condition, could you please let me know what that means. It's the driver's side that I need and mine is heavily pitted???

    Love to hear from you.



  10. aazn

    aazn New Member

    t shades

    have u still got t-shades?
    ive read through the whole thread and i didnt see if you have sold them yet..
    if u havent hit me up and gimme a total quote for postage and product to melb 3171
  11. Ascension

    Ascension Active Member

    Sorry shades went a while back.

    And i'll take a pic of the drivers side cowl and post it up but from memory it's in excellent condition.

  12. elvir85

    elvir85 becir

    engine and gear box

    do you still have the engine and gearbox and comp how much?
  13. Ascension

    Ascension Active Member

    Sorry all gone i'm afraid :(


  14. TAZ

    TAZ The Luv Z

    Driver's side cowl

    Hi Ben,

    If it's in excellent condition then I'd love to buy it.

    How do I contact you for the payment, postage address, etc.



  15. Z-Force

    Z-Force SHIFT_Charizma

    Clutch booster tank (plastic)


    Do you still have the shell of the car?

    The part I'm after is the clutch booster tank. It's a large black plastic box which sits inside the front drivers side guard and has a hose connected to it. There are two boxes in the guard, the one I'm after is the larger one on the bottom.

    Rob. :)
  16. fuzz300

    fuzz300 Member

    are you willing to seperate the plenum/ do you still have the plenum?
  17. mattgreen

    mattgreen New Member

    Fuel pump?

    Is there a fuel pump in there somewhere?
  18. Ascension

    Ascension Active Member


    Sorry mate the fuel pump sold.

    And to the last few posts, sorry fellas I know they are months old but this is the first time I saw them, don't know how I missed them at the time.

    Anyway, the car was originally an auto and I don't think that extra clutch tank was ever fitted.

    And re plenum, that sold with the engine, but I do have the one i've just taken off my car that will be for sale very soon if you are still after one.


  19. Lovic

    Lovic Non-member

    really old thread :biggrin:

    mate, do you still have passenger side cowl and front calipers?
  20. Ascension

    Ascension Active Member

    no and no :)

    Sorry mate.


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