Z32 First official word the New Zed is in Australia

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by XPL05V, Aug 5, 2022.

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    No issue with the controversial front grille, we'll just put a fat ass rego mounting bracket to cover it up

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    A nice short video

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    Nice one! Your car looks great Allan.

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    Here I was thinking where I would cut to fit a china front mount, I mean greddy.
    Here some idea's for aftermarket part manufactures
    Make a Z badge for the nissan hamburger
    New front bar that doesn't look like a smashed in mx5
    Carbon lip
    Carbon skirt extensions
    New mirrors ( smaller)
    colour match the roof, it has the z32 problem where the fender to roof transition does not blend when two tone
    Is that stretched tyres, find out what 18x11 305 offset for the rear fits

    what's the on road for one of these in Australia, now the R35 gtr is banned will it be a case of 100k plus and can only take it to premium dealer like the gtr, cause that was lame. On a side note I went to a nissan show room not long ago and it was empty.
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    The latest video from Nissan Aus. Taken at the recent Z car club's Presidents Run.

    We were the first in Aus to touch and feel the Zed

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    The last of the new videos, that I've been told

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    See some familiar aus300zx members there

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    This guy responded in the comments that the z32 is to hard to work on as "you have to pull apart the entire engine to change spark plugs", so I searched How to change spark plugs on a vr30ddtt and saw water to air intercoolers being removed hahaha.
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    Another miss informed car enthusiast on youtube who uses the general bullshit statement that the z32 is hard to work on.

    When basically every car is hard to work on depending on what you want to fix or modify on the engine.

    For example I watched a samcrac video the other day where he had to pull the entire convertible mechanism on a Ferrari 308 just to service all or the leaking hydralic pumps for the mechanism and he had to end up using a fricken lift to get the job done.
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    Interesting result. Would love to see a Z32TT vs New Z


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    yes a car with more power and torque that is only marginally heavier will win a drag race, a car tuned by nismo will go around corners faster, pointless video hosted by david brent without the charisma.

    The z35 will walk a z32 in a drag race, as the z32 was made by real Nissan when the gentlemen agreement was still adhered to, the agreement was to top this sort of thing, "All new car with more power so its better" to make a faster car at a set power goal takes real engineering, this is why 89 to 2002 what I call real Nissan had the best chassis technology and more importantly the rear suspension layout.
    Nissan/Renault changed the z33 rear suspension layout to more ford style huge step backward as it was cheaper/worse z34 the same
    z35 above - yep that's 350z under there, don't fall for the hype it is a $80,000 350z with a reskin with a suv engine fitted in the front, speaking on the engine its 86mm x 86mm vg30ddtt, that's as square as it get's, over square makes more torque but less rev's, under square like the vg30dett 87mm x 83mm rev's, square is vanilla doesn't do either well maybe in a a 2L like the sr20. Vg30ddtt has 10:3 compression almost like Renault was trying to make not a performance engine but a small capacity twin turbo v6 that felt like a 4.5L but used fuel like a 3L/

    I copied this from Nissan Australia website:

    • 19" alloy wheels
    • 8” display audio touchscreen with Apple Carplay®~ and Android Auto~
    • Heated front seats with a leather-accented^ trim
    • 12.3" full digital TFT meter display with multiple mode.
    half is screen related, add a phone and your sitting at a triple monitor on wheels, there tell you to join the queue like your pre ordering a new game, which is fitting as the car has as much hype as the new COD and once you get it its a reskin. Sure teenagers love to purchase like this, and if that's the target market for Renault the lets hope Macca's pays enough to finance $80,000 new car.

    And yes someone will come out with a full twin exhaust that is split all the way because this is what z33 z34 owners demand and yes it will blow smoke, and yes they will need a balance pipe. Tail lights look cool.

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