Z32 Engine Numbers

Discussion in 'Technical' started by FITZ, Dec 16, 2021.

  1. FITZ

    FITZ Active Member

    Does anyone know what the letter stands for on the end of the engine numbers? Ive seen some end in N others in W
  2. NI85

    NI85 Active Member

    I know at least for the Z31 block & heads. My early one has an "A" and the later one has "W" which is a revision that added another water hole for slightly better cooling.
    My 89, 92 Z32s have the "W". I can only assume if "N" is later, that's it due to the later heads.
  3. FITZ

    FITZ Active Member

    Can anyone confirm? When did the later heads come in?
  4. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

    January 1994 for Australian Delivered vehicles.

    September 1993 for JDM Non Turbos.

    October 1994 for JDM Twin Turbo.
  5. FITZ

    FITZ Active Member

    Thanks, Is this also when the PTU changed?
  6. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

    January 1994 for Australian Delivered Vehicles.

    September 1993 for JDM Non Turbo and JDM Twin Turbo.
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  7. FITZ

    FITZ Active Member

    Interesting, my late 93 has a s1 ptu. Built after September?

    Ive since read another source stating the same regarding the letter difference with the updated engine.
    If anyone has a October 1994 onwards to confirm?
  8. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

    Those dates are from Nissan's parts master file - you won't find a more accurate or reliable source
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  9. FITZ

    FITZ Active Member

    Thanks, agree. In regards to my ptu being after there date. Ive previously owned a ca s13 after the date they were discontiued (build plate confirmed) makes me think my Z slipped through aswell? Only a matter of weeks between dates.
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  10. MickW

    MickW Carntry member...

    FITZ, wouldn't it be lovely if car build VINs and serial numbers matched up with part number changes?
    We're getting closer these days thanks to the www but I can easily picture what a nightmare it must have been in the 80s to 90s to keep track of a parts inventory that changed on a very short cycle due to constant improvements in Tech and machining.

    Add to that, the companies that supplied parts to Nissan for the Zeds might not have had good lines of communication internally, let alone with Nissan. I'm never surprised to find part number discrepancies during crossover periods of model years. It can turn into a game of Where's Wally? when you're looking up OEM parts.

    Gah, these cars - we start out as petrol heads and end up as detectives :D

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