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Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by heavytrevy, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. heavytrevy

    heavytrevy "Hammer time "

    As some of you members may already know about poor Kade and his run in with a thief.
    Unfortunately it seems the thief is one of our own :eek:
    Details here........

    Looks like insurance WILL not cover the stolen items and Kade will be left out of pocket $$$$$.

    So I have decided to have "Donation Drive"
    Stu has kindly allowed use of the forums BankACC :zlove:

    IF anybody would like to to make a donation no matter how small, it would be greatly appreciated.
    Also if anybody has a set of heads that are good enough to recon, please send them Kade's way :zlove:

    Acc Details are

    Stuart Thornton
    Westpac Bank
    BSB 733134
    ACC 649575

    Lets support a fellow zedder down on his luck :zlove::zlove::zlove:

  2. rollin

    rollin First 9

    at this stage im not going to donate financially. I may be more usefull for parts and contacts etc.
  3. heavytrevy

    heavytrevy "Hammer time "

    Thats fine mate :) Agree with you on the parts and contacts :zlove::zlove:
    Ive donated him a Series 2 PTU :D


  4. LOWZX

    LOWZX Banned

    nice gesture ,but........

    firstly he asked for this not to happen Trev(his wishes),secondly as far as i know,nobody from this forum has been found to be in posession of his heads ,so where the hell does this come from Unfortunately it seems the thief is one of our own
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  5. heavytrevy

    heavytrevy "Hammer time "

    Dude do you think i wouldn't of asked him first?
    Also very few PPl knew where the parts where in the first place.
    Im not at liberty to disclose any information about this .


  6. BoneZx

    BoneZx Active Member


    has been made and i'll also be there to help assemble the motor and put it back in.
  7. kade_744

    kade_744 has largest member

    thank you very much for this trev. It really means alot. At first i had been against the idea in case of an insurance pay out. And although i'm not 100% sure how i feel about being a charity case. I didn't feel i was in a position to say no to this extremely generous act.
    Also cheers to bones and rollin. Support also means alot
  8. MagicMike

    MagicMike Moderator Staff Member

    I'm sure some of the hands around on sat at Amec can have my old heads off in no time :D
  9. kade_744

    kade_744 has largest member

    what the hell.... why did up this thread for that?
  10. black baz

    black baz black 'n blue Bazemy

    blue velvet and black bess are in ... !!!!

    will do transfer on return from the big chrissy bash .....

    good initiative, trev ...
  11. Fate

    Fate Evil Genius

    I'm in!

    Count me in for this..

    Will transfer some funds after the x-mas bash :)

    Happy to help.

  12. zed4life (

    zed4life ( Ω vicarious zedder Ω

    I'm in. I'm donating a ZID and a tune-up.

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