QLD Dedicated Drift Z32 (Brisbane) SOLD

Discussion in 'Whole Cars for Sale or Wanted' started by Cam, Jun 5, 2011.

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  1. Cam

    Cam ****

    The time has come to sell my baby! :eek:

    Spent the past year building it for drift, but have decided I just don't have a fat enough wallet to keep drifting.
    Instead, I wish to sell the car and buy a bike as I have more fun riding and it's far cheaper.
    I've only taken it out to 1 session to iron out those gremlins you get in a rebuild like this. Turns out to only be a loose wire that was shorting out fuses. Steering mods for extra lock has been carried out and all it needs now is an alignment and it's good to go.

    Asking $10,000 but negotiable.
    Will also consider swaps for a good dirt bike, (KX, YZ, CR, prefer 250 2 stroke otherwise 450 4 stroke).


    Includes 2 sets of wheels, spare diff, second front bar, 6 tyres with about 90% tread and 2 brand new tyres that haven't even been under the car yet all fitted to the wheels.

    All pics and details are found in my rebuild thread.

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  2. brisz

    brisz Well-Known Member

  3. Cam

    Cam ****

    Yeah, no thanks.
  4. e-z

    e-z New Member

    thats why you swap for a NA., then swap the new NA for the bike :p hence the complicated
  5. Cam

    Cam ****

    Gee, I'd have to be hell keen on a YZ to go through that! :rolleyes:
    And when it doesn't work out? :confused:
  6. e-z

    e-z New Member

    then you have a sweet NA of course :p
  7. MadDog

    MadDog New Member

    Hey mate, where did you but the rear spoiler from???
  8. Cam

    Cam ****

    A mate. :rolleyes:
    Keep in mind this car is for sale, this thread is not for discussion other than to trade.
  9. MagicMike

    MagicMike Moderator Staff Member

    I want my diff back. And I'll take the UAS fb ;)
  10. Cam

    Cam ****

    It's my diff now, $3000 and it's yours. :p

    Will have to wait and see if any potential buys of the Z will want the extra bits or not.
  11. Cam

    Cam ****

    47mm ASI radiator
    Turbosmart Vee Port BOV
    GFB boost controller
    Catch can
    Split dumps into 2.5" test pipes to 3" rear half. No cats, no mufflers, just 2 resinators in the X-pipe.
    GTECH Deep Dish Steering wheel and short boss kit
    F1 racing stage 4 button clutch
    Short shifter
    Autometer and Speco gauges in an S13 dash
    Fixed back driver seat
    2x Monza 4 point racing harnesses
    Mines ECU
    Castor rods
    D2 coilovers
    Carbing style front and rear strut braces
    Depowered steering with extra lock
    Subframe collars
    rear adjustable camber arms
    Hicas lock out bar
    Welded diff
    GT-R size front rotors and adaptor bones
    Epic AutoStyling Roof spoiler
    GReddy style front bar
    Altezza front clear indicators
    Nismo side indicators
    17x9.5 +18 Drift Teks and 17x9.5 +22 Linea Racing wheels
    Brand new Coil pack connectors
    New timing belt, water pump, tensioners and seals yet to be fitted

    Might be a few more things I've forgotten.

    Full of goodies, come get it! :D
  12. Cam

    Cam ****

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