Dangerous suspension

Discussion in 'Technical' started by pexzed, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. pexzed

    pexzed Forum Administrator

    Take a look at my front suspension strut tower on the passenger side.
    It may look kind of rude, but I only noticed this by accident as it started to squeak a little.
    I'm off to see Eric tomorrow to hopefully get it rectified. Going to attempt to drive this over.
    It's been driving fine. The passenger side wheel has always had more negative camber the the drivers side, now I know why.
    At rest, the shock absorber is off centre toward the engine

    I'm just bouncing the car on the front P/Side fender.

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  2. black baz

    black baz black 'n blue Bazemy

    absolutely obscene .... VTD as pornographic .... lol... !!!!
  3. BoneZx

    BoneZx Active Member


    know if i'd be driving it like that pexy
  4. ZedEx

    ZedEx Dr No

    it's been a while since i did my suspension, but you've either broken or are missing one of the washer/bush things between the strut and top plate. Something is DEFINITELY amiss, i'd hazard a guess that you may need spring compressors to get your springs out also, if they're not mounted to the shock properly, be careful man

  5. pexzed

    pexzed Forum Administrator

    There is a rubber bush there but it is torn
  6. a2zed

    a2zed Guest

    I dont recommend driving it, but it is unlikely to suddenly self destruct. Just take it very easy on the way over.
  7. doc1

    doc1 Member

    take care

    you are now knowingly driving an unroadworthy car. This is a public forum, insurance could be in question with an accident.
    I personally would "trailer it".:(
  8. ZedEx

    ZedEx Dr No

    i think there is either a metal part in that or a little metal cup that stops the shock slipping back through the plate, hence why you need spring compressors to get a spring on a shock (unless they're very very short springs). Hence, i'd be careful when jacking up as the lot could go bouncy bouncing up the wall lol. Will be interested to see what erik finds

  9. MikeZ32

    MikeZ32 das Über member

    looks like it snapped off the 2 studs which hold it to the strut tower. can be limped to the garage though.
  10. a2zed

    a2zed Guest

    The strut top is broken, nothing unusual there. When I take the weight off the suspension, the spring will simply come loose. Undo the top plate, check for further damage, put another one on. All done, too easy. I usually release and reseat the springs in the car anyway so this just means the strut top will come out in 2 peices instead of one, no big issue really.
  11. ZedEx

    ZedEx Dr No

    ah yes so it does. so long as he doesn't hit any big pot holes or take corners too fast will be fine.

  12. Mitch

    Mitch Has one gear: GO

    Was this the side with the welds on the tower?
  13. pexzed

    pexzed Forum Administrator

    Sure is mate.
    No Doubt it's taken a knock in it's life.
    We'll get it sorted :)
  14. Benny_C

    Benny_C About as subtle as...

    Excellent, looks like Pexy is taking it to the right bloke to fix then. :)
  15. pexzed

    pexzed Forum Administrator

    All sorted.
    Eric's a champion :)
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