NSW Damaged 91 300zx NA 2 seater,Manual, Silver, Buy Whole or Parting Out

Discussion in 'Car Parts for Sale or Wanted' started by R1ch1e_11, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. MadDog

    MadDog New Member

    is passenger cowl still avaiable??
  2. chaps

    chaps New Member

    it still being on ur car meaning? ur not selling it?
    are u going to remove these things?
    and sorry but not clear on whether or not ur selling the heads?
  3. davewatson

    davewatson New Member

    Just being that i bought them off of him and have put them onto my car :)
  4. R1ch1e_11

    R1ch1e_11 ZEDIFIED

    lads read through the post before asking questions, the cowls are gone all the bodykit is gone and the 3rd brake light is gone. as to the engine no i am not parting it out its being sold as a whole with heads.
  5. slapstickz

    slapstickz Banned

    hey you got the rer drivers side upper control arm and lower control arm and shaft
  6. R1ch1e_11

    R1ch1e_11 ZEDIFIED

    sorry slapstikz dont have them, have plenty of other stuff tho make some offers guys you never know
  7. R1ch1e_11

    R1ch1e_11 ZEDIFIED

  8. 300zx snake

    300zx snake New Member

    man have tried to follow the posts to see if the exhaust system was sold - in the end just asking ?
  9. R1ch1e_11

    R1ch1e_11 ZEDIFIED

    lol no worries yeh its been sold but i have a stock one here full system
  10. davewatson

    davewatson New Member

    haha only coz your to lazy 2 dump my seconds :p
  11. R1ch1e_11

    R1ch1e_11 ZEDIFIED

    ok heres exactly whats left,

    - Engine 60,00ks with papers
    - Wiring loom and all ECU's
    - Rear brake calipers
    - Hatch (good condition)

    Few little pieces also that i will throw in with big purchases if wanted.

    Cheers guys
  12. R1ch1e_11

    R1ch1e_11 ZEDIFIED

    BUMP need these few things gone!! make some offers!! motor is now on ebay
  13. 2JZ

    2JZ New Member

    Hi R1ch1e how much for the bonnet
  14. chriz

    chriz New Member

    Do you have The black trim which has the 3rd brake light? and if so for how much?
  15. davewatson

    davewatson New Member

    This is sold, I bought it :) - Still finishing repairs from the blood freight company!
  16. 300zed1day

    300zed1day New Member

    Hey Mate, Do you have passenger side upper and lower control arm ?

  17. cengiz

    cengiz New Member

    hey mate have u got the rear window's ? im after the passenger side glass window

    my track car copped a barrier on the weekend :(
  18. jamiez32

    jamiez32 snake handler

    hey im not sure if there gone but do you have front and rear rotors and calipers is so how much would you want for them?
  19. RED X

    RED X Member

    Shotty Rear centre panel, what nick is it in ?
  20. AussieZ32

    AussieZ32 Yellow Zed's Go Faster

    Dibs on third brake light rear infill panel,
    Price and condition please


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