blow off valve leak?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by SRB-2NV, Aug 1, 2016.

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    Ok I've been having this issue for a while, my boost controller is set for 70% duty cycle which reaches 18-19psi and it does so fairly easily. My previous highest setting was 80% duty cycle and that was good for 22psi boost, now however, anything over 70% duty cycle will not add more than a psi or two. So from 70%-100% the boost will only be 2psi higher at most compared to 7-8psi more previously. All piping has been leak tested and checked many times and the only thing i can think of is the blow off valves, which are ebay hks, can't hold anything more than 20psi. Any other ideas?
  2. Madcow

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    What ebc?

    Jim from CRD warned me about mine. He said the higher boost levels can become a bit uncontrollable
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    As I mentioned to you before get the small bottle of the co2 from bunnings and wack the pressure regulator on it, feed your wastgates with co2. Adjust presure level on the presure regulator to the desired levels and off you go...
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  5. Madcow

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    He said the eboost is a good unit. Maybe the reg thinvo is playing up?

    Leakng bov is possible too.

    Take the pipe off where the bov is, then plug the ends, use air compressor with a gauge and fill to 20+psi. Check for leaks.
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    As you have an eboost2 & suspect it may be leaking, I would suggest you contact Turbosmart, I have found their customer service to be extremely helpfull.
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    Suppose the other option is just to remove the BOVs and plug it up and see if there is any change?
  8. SRB-2NV


    I have another set of bovs on the way so I'll try change them and see if it makes a difference... i also have 4 spare turbosmart solenoids so I'll try another one of those too.

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