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    Nissan petrol engine cars built between 1989 and 2000 were designed with an inbuilt electronics diagnostic system called “Consult” (the majority of these cars are equipped with a grey 14 pin Consult I connector) which enables small adjustments to be made to engine tuning, access to diagnostic codes and live streaming from virtually any of the engine management input sensors. This allows real time viewing of what the engine and engine management system is doing, and to do this on these vehicles all that is needed is the blazZt interface cable, Datascan 1 software and a laptop “running Win ’98 or later”.

    The most popular cars likely to use this cable and software are the 180SX, 200SX, 300ZX, Silvia, Skylines R32, 33, 34, but the Nissan DataScan I software has been tested on a large list of supported cars at

    After 20 years of ownership I have sold my 300ZX so have no more need for these goodies. They come with the initial software registration acknowledgement and software activation codes. I also have the working “vintage” Sony VAIO laptop Win XP and AC adaptor with the registered Datascan software on it which I used on a number of occasions for diagnostic stuff and will include that for an additional $120. Pick up at Buderim on the Sunny Coast or will post at buyer’s cost.

    NDS 1 and blazt.JPG NDS I screens.jpg NDS I screens.jpg
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    So what's the final cost? as you have only mentioned the laptop as an additional $120
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    SORRY, duh, a senior moment. Want $100 for the interface cable, software, etc.

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