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    Hi guys got some things for sale if anyone needs them.

    3/8 fuel line. From my zed. With filter cant remember the micron. Will fit your 2+2 zed but you need to make the rest up to suit your application. $60

    The LS coil packs set uo for 300zx i got these brand new from GM in the usa while i was there. These have had next to no use at all. I sold the vg30 with out coil packs seires 2 z32 coil ends and plugs. Z32 colors on the wiring to make for instulation as well $450. . Will need a tune.

    1/2 inch black fuel line new not used. $50

    Gktech V2 rear z32 lower control arms i went with a different direction . These were put on tge car but never driver on or used. . The bolt on the arm needed a little shaving as will was hitting the drive axle . Look tgem up for info please new these are $ 679 plus shipping
    Asking $ 550 i got these new from gktech.

    TT rear subframe with great condition aftermarket bushes this was on my car
    If you need to change your bushes well here you are . $250

    Oil catch can $40
    69985299_497562067643856_8747126331994537984_n.jpg 300zx parts2.jpg 300zx parts 1.jpg 27067469_10157020544511040_4333826916129947613_n.jpg 69596405_2440807766241157_424472902058901504_n.jpg 69640273_2359083867684369_2002388696279547904_n.jpg 70516107_2362097870572143_1070898830527954944_n.jpg

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  2. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    happy to negotiate price
  3. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    coil pack sold

    steel fuel line sold

    tt cradle sold

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