NSW 89 AT N/A 2+2 for sale

Discussion in 'Whole Cars for Sale or Wanted' started by Hidds, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. Hidds

    Hidds THAT annoying guy....

    Body (2+0/2+2): 2+2
    Colour: pearl white
    Engine (Turbo/NA): NA
    Transmission (MT/AT): AT
    Interior (Cloth/Leather): Tweed
    Contact Details:0402741431


    as a few of you know I am selling up as im moving over to the "dark side" and getting a kingswood

    now the Z has had a tough life, but since ive owned it, ive managed to fix nearly all the issues with it

    all that is left is a laggy gearbox and the smallest leak in heavy heavy rain

    here are all the goodies:
    -recently done 200k service
    -adjustable coilovers
    -adjustable rear camber arms
    -ram pod intake and upgraded intake piping
    -apexi AFC tuned by UAS
    -new catback

    link to my gumtree ad

    forum members price is $5000

    and yes the stickers are all off the car
    im currently waiting on a urathene 2k spec front bar, so that will come with the car

    best way to contact me is by phone as i dont get much time to check here when im working

    dont hesitate to ask any questions
  2. Hidds

    Hidds THAT annoying guy....

    forum special price is $4000

    want this to go to a good home
  3. Carlos95

    Carlos95 New Member

    I should have bought this.... :( hold onto it for a few months :p

    haha good luck with the sale man
  4. Hidds

    Hidds THAT annoying guy....

    i would hold on to it, but i have the new car coming on friday

    still available BTW

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