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  1. MagicMike

    MagicMike Moderator Staff Member

    So who is it???
  2. Chrispy

    Chrispy Pretentious Upstart

    I posted within 5 mins of the add going up that I would take it and PM you to work it out. I offered you more money and your choice of clutch and heard nothing, I could source a local gearbox for you within a week.

    8 days later I posted that as I would pull out as I had heard nothing...

    It's common decency to let people know what's going on.

    WYKKED <b><font color=red>2 Much Trouble</font></b>

    Sorry Graham. Vincent has told me he found my PM from nearly 4 years saying I had first offer on the box so if this sale falls through I'm calling first dibs.
  4. Fate

    Fate Evil Genius

    out of retirement

    Vincent, Mate. you know where to find me.

    I'm always looking for a comeback job to bring me out of retirement. :) Send the pm, :cool2: I'll get the work done for you. :D

    However I agree with Chrispy to some degree. 5 mins after your post a pm to him would have been courtesy. I can understand why he gave up.

    With that said... lets get the monies and the box :cool2:

    Fate - HITMAN comin out of retirement :biggrin:
  5. Vincent

    Vincent New Member

    Feelings, fairness and other matters...

    Not relevant - I had been contacted by the buyer, you weren't first, and I was no longer on the forum due to some personal matters.

    Not relevant - I was offered more by other members, but I sold it to the first person in as that is the right thing to do. Getting a 5 speed in a week was not a condition of sale.

    Your choice.

    I did as soon as I was able to log on again - I PM'd those I thought may be still waiting. But since you'd chosen to opt out, then there was nothing to inform you of. I'm still not sure why you expected communication from me when I wasn't even on the forum and you'd made the assumption that you were first in. Maybe I had to drop something obviously very urgent and pressing in my life (enough to sell the 6 speed for nothing) so that I could log on to communicate with you about your false assumption which I did nothing to promote.

    Obviously, this means nothing to you... my sympathy towards your feelings of being second/left-out/whatever are being dealt with similarly.
  6. AndyMac

    AndyMac Better than you much dodgyness. I need to look in for sale threads more often, this would have been a steal.

  7. LOWZX

    LOWZX Banned

    is there a reason you have posted all this shit about the buyer owing you and what you are going to do about it on the forum and not done this via a p/m :confused: just curious vincent as the message you have given on here obviously doesnt relate to anyone in particular ???
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  8. Hyper101

    Hyper101 Well-Known Member

    I guess hes just venting his frustration, the actual buyer thats being referred to hasnt been active on the forum for over a year.
  9. Vincent

    Vincent New Member

    I know who he is, and he knows what he's done. Nuff said.

    Emails now bounce to the one email address I know (now have another), no answer on mobiles or at house, PM'd but no response as he hasn't logged on in ages - I've run out of options except the forum at this stage to pass on my message ... unless you have a better idea?

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  10. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    SO WHO IS IT ,,,, even i want to no know
  11. MagicMike

    MagicMike Moderator Staff Member

    spill the beans
  12. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

    If they are in NSW let me know where you sent the box and I will go and get it.


    Happy to pay you the cash and send you a box etc...
  13. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

    Makes me wonder how he managed to be the first respondant to a thread posted 21/8/08 :cool:

    Considering chrispy got in within 5 minutes, and the next hand went up in around an hour...
  14. MagicMike

    MagicMike Moderator Staff Member

    Box possibly went to the same place that the Beet kits went??? That's the only other member I can think of that would have a use for the bloody thing :cool:
  15. LOWZX

    LOWZX Banned

    tread on fates toes and hell come get you and the box :eek:,poor bloke has to earn a living somehow :bash::p
  16. Fate

    Fate Evil Genius

    Box for a box?

    :cool2: i'll go get the dog box and i'll send you another form of box in return if you'd like :cool2: the kind that would sell well on black market.

    My offer remains..
  17. Cra-Z-Boy

    Cra-Z-Boy no nissan at all :(

    Who are you kidding Fate.:rolleyes:
    How about we stick to the post at hand and hope it gets sorted out.
  18. LOWZX

    LOWZX Banned

    whats the point,the guy hasnt logged on for over a year,he hasnt been named,and he certainly isnt replying ,so whats to be sorted
  19. Cra-Z-Boy

    Cra-Z-Boy no nissan at all :(

    Well look at the size of this post for one,and I just made it one bigger:p.
    I just think maybe we should stay out and hope Vincent can get it sorted without people talking BS.
    Dont get me wrong I hope its sorted and fast but really lets keep to the topic
  20. Vincent

    Vincent New Member

    Matter all sorted out.

    6 speed and kit back in my possession and all is a-ok.

    Money all sorted out, and no one had to die, get injured, be arrested or lose their house in the process.

    Mods - please do what you have to do as previously discussed.


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