300zx gtr r35 holinger syvecs

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    Um. Well not really hard . Just a pain in the butt really. Yeah it's a nice system. Just waiting on the tank to come back and I'll put all this on the car also fuel cooler with fan has to go in as well.
    Then one off the big days ive been waiting for, For some time, tune at 18 or 20 psi. That will be fun. Also tune the box. All the shift cuts. Etc etc. .


    How big is that radium surge?

    I'm currently looking at the TAARKS SURGE 2.8l and the AI surge spr1200 which is about 3.5l.

    or is that part of the fuel cell?
  3. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    hey rob, its a 2.3 L or a 2.1 L.
  4. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    20170817_115049.jpg so i found these ohlins for sale. and to be honest I'm bleeding a little as the back won't work. as the reservoir will hit the upper control arm . i went and had a look at them and fell in love with them. there not 300zx. but I would have made them fit no problem.... on my mod plate I have suspension mod but no brand name. these would have made my day..
  5. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    my fuel system coming up nicely not finished yet but should be soon , after this is done , ill take the car in for a tune, need to tune the engine and gearbox

    21232028_1570890902990079_8541738821550849449_n.jpg 21270863_1570890899656746_3062832462803983949_n.jpg 21314809_1570890872990082_4917433967983143877_n.jpg 21317494_1570890836323419_3675161456796604344_n.jpg 21317913_1570890866323416_2737780988850063809_n.jpg 21231239_1570890832990086_4675416121161613094_n.jpg
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  7. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    ok well this is the semi final product thb it all worked out really well, i need to wire it all in but that a job for tomorrow the fuel tank is all installed , ill bolt the bulk head down tomoz , and do some wiring as well im going to run a relay for each pump , 3in total ,

    so atm im running 2 pump inside the surge tank, and 1 feed , if i find i run out of fuel ill add another pump in the surge tank , with this set up i really really dout ill ever run out of fuel anywhere race track drags etc etc , it safe to say its covered this is an all in one system , nice clean and will work 100%, , i never wanted a fuel system to be way over the top with bottles, pumps, fuel line everywhere , ( inside and underneath ) that was never me , this was exactly what i was looking for and wanted for this build ,
    once i put a cover on the back there , you will not see or know anything , and those 485 pumps are quiet as pluck , so bonus there as well

    this is a really nice bit of kit , great work radium ,

    21432826_10156598799186040_8339030583449761357_n.jpg 21462682_10156598799966040_9069136104528000106_n.jpg
  8. badxtc

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    just a small update , i had the car on the dyno and i didnt get what i wanted this time , but all is good walked away with 624 hp atw (465 kw) and 850nm at 3950 rpm , i had an actuator problem early on in the tune it just didnt hold boost it just made it to 17 psi ( for 1 second ) then fell of, all in all , all went ok ive since changed actuators with some new 2017 turbo smart these are set to 14 psi , but come with a 24 psi , i pulled one 10 psi spring out , these will be good for my 40 psi boost level latter on in life, thats all for now im waiting to go in for the next tune and turn it up a little more , id like to see under 700 hp , and ill leave it at that for now and see how we go this tune was E 85 , id like run flex fuel but maybe not , again see how i go.

    i also put a new turbo smart fuel pressure reg, fpr 2000 again turbo smart make amazing stuff, thumbs up for turbo smart 100% recommend ..

    rob260 can supply all turbo smart things .

    thanks for reading

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  9. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    so went and got some drag slicks these are 315 35 17 , should work well , , so im going back and tuning on the 25th and on the 27th im hopping to get to the drags , iv been dying for this moment for a long time 2 plus years , ill get out there and fly the flag and see how we go , im hopping these hold the car im not sure yet but we shall see , the steel wheel will be sold on and will be replaced with an aloy wheel these steel wheels are really heavy 33.6kg? eash back wheel and tire alloy will be much lighter , but till i build some wheels these will have to do, his time out there will be the firts time so im not expecting anything but just a shake down to see where the car is ,

    thanks for watching..

    22365255_10156712173091040_8513253445684732537_n.jpg 22366363_10156712472121040_6136917873610652116_n.jpg 22366395_10156712473021040_5824929560499570091_n.jpg 22405397_10156712472491040_6149610966241001633_n.jpg 22406151_10156712472796040_2391096125375004202_n.jpg 22406160_10156712472896040_7884864641974251891_n.jpg 22406189_10156712173181040_8947548627351388154_n.jpg 22448582_10156712472251040_1483171880570348065_n.jpg 22448658_10156712472721040_8753446818669867130_n.jpg
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  10. lidz

    lidz Well-Known Member

    Nice work Alex, they look huge! What guard work have you had done on the rear? Any photos of that?
  11. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    hey man,
    um yeah ive done a little wide body on the front and rear , but its all going to get cut out im not happy with it tbh , i have a mate that worked at porsche doing wide body porsches same guy that seem welded the car , the front is about 70mm over and all steel , photos well i have no idea where i would have them tbh this was done a while back ,
  12. lidz

    lidz Well-Known Member

    Fair enough mate, that's what I love about your build, no corners cut & happy to redo for the right result.
    Are fronts 70mm a side or you mean 70mm total? Either way they look pretty decent, much better job blending it in. Rears pretty obvious with that hard kink in the lower body feature line though, need to chase it back into the door to get the transition nicer.
    This is what I do too, just not in metal!

    Congrats again on a mega build!
  13. Boll!

    Boll! Well-Known Member

    And they are the “good” ET Streets.;)....not that new tread pattern that they replaced those with.
    I’m very interested to see the drag results.
  14. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    cheers mate, yeah the front is about 70mm , the gaurds are pushed about 27mm each side , and the top of the front bar is the same to suit the lower section of the bar is more about 40+mm each side , notice the side on the bar, they have been pushed out as well , lets just say the twinZ lower needed HEAPS of cut and shut to stretch it out, i did this all myself at home was fun not gonna lie ,

    the rear is basicly the 2 front guards reversed left goes to the right right goes to left , and thats it really , i love the front section on the back ( just past the door where it pops out heaps ) that part ill keep but the center and rear section yeah im not a fan ( where it starts changing shape ) of so that has to go it need to be way more smoother so it looks like the full rear gaurd its just popped not " welded " on, but in order to start this i need the do the NA diff cradle changeover, then i can set up the rear to the new wheel tires so 345 is on the cards , 100% the reason for all the rear work is for the 345 wheels and tires ( and the look ) all in good time tho
  15. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    yeah i hope so , yeah not a fan in the other tread pattern these should hold well, i hope ,
    yeah i cant wait, TBH hopefully i get what i want, this time out but if not its all good , it will be its first time out so im not expecting huge things atm but it will be good , and in time will get a little better and better , it will be a good test ill be going back for more boost and another tune in the next 2 weeks and then calder that same week , either way this is not the end for this engine , its just the start i got new actuators on now so i hope it needs nothing more for calder .
  16. Boll!

    Boll! Well-Known Member

    What track are you going to on the 27th...if you go too quick, Calder may ask you to leave?
    What’s you target time before the re-tune?
  17. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    to be clear im tuning on the 25th and 27th is calder ,
    um yeah i dont think ill hit 9ns it will be its first time ever out on a track, to many things can go wrong, i think later in time once the car is sorted it should see 9ns as is now , but not the first time out , that would be a miracle , TBH im just hopping it runs the track straight all the way with no problem, then will start putting ore power in it , im not going to kill it out of the trap either, just doing to drive it hard really thats all i can ask for now till it all sorted
  18. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    today i put a tilton 7/8 master cylinder in , another job out the way , getting there slowly .

    i also emailed ccw for a set of wheels i like , so as it happens these wheels only come in 19 and 20 ,, not 18 as i want , they said no chance in making me a set in 18 , so these wheels are no go , i really do like them , shame but all good , ( next )

    pic taking from the net ,

    22489902_10156728225941040_8741673255174319928_n.jpg 22528056_10156728225986040_1395430422199419689_n.jpg
  19. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    22688586_10156750141351040_2763926898046037658_n.jpg 22728879_10156750141326040_2063162742820910735_n.jpg

    thats all for tuning for now, going to leave the torque and power level where it is now , we turned it down to keep it safe for the engine build at a latter date , im going to clader this friday night and hope for the best

    trent did not set up the launch control or the flat shift as the ecu could not see the front abs speed sensor, but all is good i just need to come of the gas for a short time to change gears ,, this is fine for now no problem ,, it will be sorted out soon anyway ,.
  20. MagicMike

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    Good result man, you must be pretty happy thus far

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